Obama, Solicitor General, Pentagon And Sikorsky Vs. Lloyd Chapman

Why are the Obama Administration, the Office of Solicitor General, the Department of Defense and Sikorsky Aviation Corporation all joining forces to defeat Lloyd Chapman and his American Small Business League?

I won a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Pentagon for the release of the most recent report submitted by Sikorsky under the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program. Federal District court Judge William Alsup found all the Pentagon’s excuses for withholding the data were baloney and he ordered the Pentagon to release the data to me by December 3, 2014.

On the morning of December 3rd my lawyer, Rob Belshaw, called me around 10:00am and told me the court informed him the “solicitor general was intervening in the case and was asking for a 60 day stay of the release of the information.”  Judge Alsup had no choice but to grant it.

Why does the omnipotent and all-powerful Pentagon need the Office of Solicitor General to deal with little old me?

My critics in Washington keep telling every one I’m just a conspiracy nut, sham, alleged small business owner from an organization that doesn’t really exist with a questionable beginning and no members.

Call the SBA Press Office and talk to Terry Sutherland. Call any DC based organization that claims to represent the interests of small businesses and ask them about me. Here is a link to my favorite TV appearance where Giovanni Coratolo the Small Business representative from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls me a “sham”.

Have you read about President Obama’s “War on Whistleblowers”?  Well let me tell you it’s real and they are very serious about going after anyone that criticizes President Obama and his Administration. Edward Snowden released information on the NSA’s campaign to destroy the reputations of any critics of the Obama Administration. They are definitely on my case.

Go to YouTube and notice how my national television appearances suddenly came to a complete halt a few months ago. Why? I’m winning more lawsuits against the federal government now than ever before. Interesting.

If I’m just a conspiracy nut sham from a non-existent organization why did someone in the Obama Administration “assign” retired Naval Commander and former Director of Corporate Communications for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency to quietly take over the SBA Press Office in April of 2012 and launch a massive campaign to destroy my reputation and credibility and keep me off television, radio and the internet?

Terry Sutherland is one of the Pentagon’s top PR guys. Look at the huge stories he has been involved in on the website I created for him Terrysutherlandinfo.org. This guy is a heavy hitter with over twenty years of experience helping the Pentagon cover-up some major problems. Why was his next “assignment” the Small Business Administration? Why did he go from being one of the top PR guys at the largest agency in the federal government to running the Press Office at the smallest agency in Washington? What was so important that the Obama Administration needed a man with this kind of background and experience?

It must be me, the sham conspiracy nut from the non-existent small business group that was kicking their ass all over the Federal Courts and the mainstream media.

Now they have had to call in the Calvary, the Office of Solicitor General to help the Pentagon try and deal with me. Why does the Pentagon with all their lawyers need the Office of Solicitor General to deal with a conspiracy nut and a sham?

Why did the attorney for Sikorsky call my lawyer and tell him “Sikorsky was intervening in the case”.

What are all these people so jacked up about? I’ll tell you, its one number they are all so afraid off. The Pentagon, the Office of Solicitor General and Sikorsky are fighting to halt the release of one little number.

That number is the percentage of subcontracts Sikorsky awarded to small businesses. So what’s the big deal?

Here is the truth. Twenty-five years ago the Pentagon adopted the Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program (CSPTP) under the pretense of “increasing subcontracting opportunities for small businesses.” In reality they adopted it to do just the opposite. The CSPTP eliminated all publicly available information on a prime contractors compliance with federally mandated small business subcontracting goals. It also eliminated all penalties prime contractors had previously faced such as “liquidated damages” for failing to comply with their small business subcontracting goals.

The information I have requested on Sikorsky was a test case to challenge the Pentagon’s refusal to release any data on the CSPTP in over a quarter of a century. The Sikorsky data is a sample that I believe will prove the Pentagon has lied to Congress and the American people about their compliance with federal law that mandates a minimum of 23% of all federal contracts be awarded to small businesses.

The Pentagon and Sikorsky know this and that’s the real reason I had to go to federal court in the first place to obtain the data. That’s the real reason the Pentagon had to get the Office of Solicitor General involved in my legal victory over them.

The data I have requested will prove the Pentagon has violated federal law, committed fraud and cheated American small businesses out of hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in subcontracts over the last 25 years.

The data I was supposed to receive on December 3rd would have also seriously jeopardized the renewal of the CSPTP. The House has already voted to renew that scam program to cheat small businesses into its 28th year of testing. Let me say that again, “its 28th year of testing”. The Senate will also vote to extend the CSPTP until 2017 before the December 11th recess.

So does the Obama Administration need the Office of Solicitor General to help the Pentagon defeat a sham, conspiracy nut from a nonexistent small business advocacy group? Of course not.

But, President Obama would need the Solicitor General, the Pentagon, Sikorsky and Retired Naval Commander Terry Sutherland to take on the most determined, aggressive, successful, unrelenting, fearless, small business advocate in America today. An individual that has won over 30 legal battles with the federal government to expose rampant fraud in every federal small business program.

The kind of person that has done more national television and radio interviews fighting for small business than the President of every other alleged small business advocacy group in American combined.

The only person in American to write a bill to end the division of federal small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms and get in introduced to Congress three times.

They would need to join forces to take on the founder of the only true small business advocacy organization in the country (ASBL) to oppose the diversion of billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms, the slashing of the SBA budget and attempts to close the SBA by combing it with the Department of Commerce.

The kind of person Entrepreneur Magazine compared me to a “modern day Cesar Chavez” for small businesses and the kind or person American Express Open Forum named as one of the strongest voices for small businesses in Washington today.

The kind of person that when he endorsed Obama for President Obama released the statement, “I am proud to have the support of the American Small Business League and their grassroots efforts to help protect American small business.”

Here is my advice to the Obama Administration, the Pentagon, the Office of Solicitor General, Sikorsky and Terry Sutherland. You guys better join forces because you’re going to need it to beat me.

I’ll see you in court.

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