Sarah Palin

Hi, all…..I have gotten dozens of requests to give my views of Governor Sarah Palin, so here are my thoughts. No need to respond….just thought you may like to hear from a long-time Alaskan on the subject!

Sarah Palin is what you see! She is as authentic as they come….she lives her values, and she does what she says. She has taken our state by storm because she set out to correct the things most of the rest of us just complain about! She took on the party leadership for ethics violations of the “good old boys”, and she cleaned house! Although I am pro-choice, I admire her choice….she chose to keep her baby knowing he was a Downs-syndrome child. She could have easily aborted, and had her daughter Bristol get an abortion when she became pregnant, but she took the more difficult route each time because of her strong beliefs. I admire that tremendously!

One of the first things she did when sworn in was to put the state jet up for sale. Former Governor Frank Murkowski had purchased it against the wishes of the Legislature and the people. He was the epitome of a good old boy! He figured he deserved the new jet since he had served in the U. S. Senate for years and then won the Governorship easily in 2002. But, the state had owned a perfectly good turbo-prop airplane for travel to and from places within our vast state. Frank sold it and got his jet. Well, Sarah sold the jet and uses commercial aircraft for her travel in state and out. (Guess that will change a bit now since McCain has a jet at his disposal!)

The next thing that impressed us was that she let the governor’s mansion cook go. Sarah said she was completely capable of cooking and serving her family meals that they enjoyed and did not need a cook. When state events occur in the mansion, they are catered. Of course, the other thing is that she did not move her family into the mansion as all prior governor’s had done. She wanted to maintain normalcy for them, so she only stays in the mansion when the Legislature is in session or there is a need for her to be in Juneau. Juneau is 575 miles from her home in Wasilla, so she travels back and forth. She’s kept her kids in their own schools, and Todd and her family have helped with them. Todd (we call him First Dude) also works up on the north slope, two weeks on, two weeks off….but may be on a leave of absence right now. He took leave when Sarah was elected, and again when Trig was born.

Sarah is smart, articulate, a can-do, fun kind of person…..a totally refreshing, one of us, kind of person!!! She has always hunted, fished, and, although I can’t confirm it, I understand she flies too. I can’t say enough about her, and think this is the type of person we need to start electing if we are to get this country back on the right track. We need another 500 or so Sarahs in Congress!!!