OH-16, You Have a Problem

Get this great quote from that wonderful Dem lawmaker, John Boccieri of OH-16, in response to the barrage of contact he is having to deal with regarding the health care bill:

“We can’t even get to the business of the day, helping folks with their passports and weeding through some of the bureaucratic red tape. That’s frustrating,” Boccieri said. “I wish they would just let us focus on doing our job and listening to our constituents.”  (From http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34600_Page3.html)

Hey, Ohio-16, don’t you have anyone you can run against this guy?  C’mon, it wouldn’t take much, if, when faced with what may turn out to be a constitutional crisis, constituent services is all that he thinks the job of the legislative branch is.

Fla Mom