Napolitano Welcomes Illegals

On Feb. 24 an ICE raid netted 28 illegal immigrants working at Yamato Engine Specialists in Bellingham, Washington. Secretary Napolitano expressed outrage and pledged to get to the bottom of it. Now we know the result.

On Apr. 1, it was announced that one illegal was deported while the remaining 27 were released from custody with employment authorization documents. The documents were given to the illegals in return for their cooperation in the investigation against their employer. These illegals are being rewarded by being given legal working status.

The message being sent to illegals is “come on in and if you get caught don’t worry, we’ll just make you legal”. American citizens are losing their jobs and a group of people who have no regard for our laws get to walk around free and made legal by the Democrats running our country into the ground.

Napolitano is looking to go after employers who knowingly hire illegal workers (which should happen) but she plans to freeze arrests of illegals. Business pays, US citizens can’t get jobs, and another group (illegals) are on their way to becoming another constituency that will vote to keep the Democrat Party in power.

Our country’s laws mean nothing to the Democrats who will use any means to gain and keep power. Our freedoms and rights are to be trampled by those who think they are entitled to rule over us. We are considered to be their servants. All Americans need to stand up for their rights and remind their elected representatives that they serve at our pleasure. They are not elected to rule over us. They need to respect the laws of our land or they need to be kicked out of office.

This has been going on for far too long. Stand up for your rights while we still have a country left


Lloyd Davis

Pueblo, CO