Tighten your belts...tighter

How is your wallet these days?

When economic times get tough, everyone is expected to make tough choices about what they can afford. The government lives by a different set of rules. When their “income” (your tax money) drops, they just decide to CONFISCATE more of YOUR money. It doesn’t matter that you need it to survive. Our ELECTED officials consider your money to be theirs.

Here in Colorado, Democrat Governor Bill Ritter and the Democrat controlled Legislature recently passed a bill requiring higher fees for vehicle registration under the guise of fixing roads. A bill is being considered that would double the fee for disposing of your old tires. This money would not go to disposal or recycling but for “clean technology research”.

Colorado passed TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) in 1992. This stated that any tax increase must be approved by the people. This doesn’t stop the goverment from raising fees. This was challeged in the Democrat Colorado Supreme Court who found fee increases are allowed under TABOR (big surprise).

Nationally the tax on tobacco is going up. The tax on cigarettes goes from $.39 to $1.01 per pack in the name of childrens heath insurance. DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!! If everyone decides to quit, who will pay for this program? HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLETS!

Colorado recently passed new regulations on the oil and gas industry. The effect will be to drive these industries out of the state since they will be unable to afford to operate. The result will be more people out of work and needing assistance from the government to survive which means more wealth CONFISCATED to pay for the increase. GOVERNMENT GROWS WHILE YOUR WALLET SHRINKS. 

The price of gas will go up as more sites are put off limits for domestic energy production.

Now the gorvernment is wanting to decide the wages for everyone who works for companies that took bailout money. That means everyone from the top to the bottom. CEO to janitor. Also, this will include everyone who works for a healthy bank that was bought by a bank that received bailout money. Not just banks but any company.

Tha Democrats under Obama are in overdrive in their push to take control of every aspect of American life. Our country is already very different from what is was January 20, 2009. We need to stand up and fight before the country we love is changed beyond any recognition and any hope of saving.