Just 23% believe Gov’t has Consent of the Governed

Just 23% say the US Government has the consent of the governed. This result of a new Rasmussen Poll is startling in its simplicity. It simply states that in the opinion of the people, their representatives have not been representing them but doing something else. How else could the American people have come to the conclusion that their own government rules in their name but contrary to their wishes or desires?

Charts illuminate numbers like this in a way the numbers alone cannot.

Rasmussen has differentiated its political poll results between mainstream Americans and the Political Class for a while. The difference is that Americans trust the people more than they trust the self-appointed rulers of the people, while the Political Class trusts the rulers more than the people. So it’s no surprise that the Political Class disagrees with the above result.

The data leads one to the conclusion there is widespread dissatisfaction with Congress’s performance. Despite this widespread dissatisfaction, the Political Class, comprising the DC establishment, East and West coast elites, the media, legal and higher education professions, continues to support this profoundly non-representative Congress. The Tea Party is in the lead of efforts to replace Congress with representatives who take their duty to represent their constituents seriously. But there is an underlying pessimism in the country concerning this course of action. Most Americans believe the system is rigged to prevent the people from replacing bad members of Congress.

The greatest danger is that the American people may begin to believe that their votes don’t matter, never will matter, that the government is an occupying, enemy force, and that their only recourse is violence. Violent revolutions almost never increase the freedom of the people. Usually they result in dictatorial rule. The US did it once and it’s not likely to work again.

The Precinct Project holds as its goal the mobilization of Conservatives who want to restore accountability and Constitutional governance to the United States, and send home all those public servants who believe their job is to rule over us and ours is to obey and give them everything we own. We need to overcome despair, which will weaken us, and become energized by our knowledge that we are not alone. We, the conservatives, outnumber those who support every terrible thing the government has been doing for the last hundred years by a factor of 3 to 1. Our problem really is messaging, and winning the political battles. Most important of those is winning.

Conservatives, you need to join up with the Precinct Project and united with other Conservatives to take over the Republican Party from those members of the Political Class who still occupy the top spots. The GOP must be cleansed, and then it can become a force for good and the renewal of the American Constitutional promise of 1789.

This diary was originally posted at Unified Patriots.

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