Judge Andrew Napolitano on Government from St. Thomas More to the Mustang Ranch

Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a terrific speech at RightOnline 2010. After a few funny anecdotes about his judicial career he began by quoting the movie version of St. Thomas More in his defense against charges of treason.

Some men think the earth is round, others think it flat. It is a matter capable of question. But if it is flat, will the King’s command make it round? And if it is round, will the King’s command flatten it?

Of course the King cannot decree the shape of the earth, any more than the President can declare things to be evil that are good, or things to be good that are evil. Sure, the President or Congress can pass unjust laws but this is a violation of the Constitution, and as Napolitano pointed out: The states created the Federal Government and gave it its power, and they can take that power back. Napolitano approaches the end of the speech with another telling anecdote, this time about the incompetence of government.

  • Medicare: broke.
  • Medicaid: broke.
  • Social Security: broke.
  • Amtrak: broke.
  • The Post Office: broke.

You’ll know this one. It didn’t happen too far from here. When the Mustang Ranch was taken over by the Federal Government for failure to pay its taxes, they drove it into the ground. So… the government can’t supply hookers and booze to truckers in the desert and they want to run health care

The government proves it has the reverse Midas touch. Everything it touches falls apart and turns to dust. Only a government with employees similar to those Obama put in charge of GM and Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, could lose money with a bar and legal house of prostitution in the middle of a desert.

Watch it all, peeps.

Judge Andrew Napolitano at RightOnline 2010 from AFPhq on Vimeo.