10/12/09 interesting articles from the interwebz

  1. The biggest news of the day is the slow melt of the glaciers of journalistic support for the pseudo science of anthropogenic global warmening. Today Drudge has the following links above the fold
  2. Obama didn’t win the 2009 Nobel in Economics. In a shock development felt worldwide, some economists won it instead (NYT)
  3. Argentina’s media clampdown continues
  4. Time Magazine thinks we should blog about Education!
  5. Insurance Industry projects $4000 per year per family in added costs for health insurance. White House throws tantrum. Memeorandum links. White House promises to hold breath until it turns blue. (That last sentence was wishful thinking)
  6. Top on memeorandum: White House bites the hand that feeds it. Calls gay activists the “Internet left fringe.”
  7. Democrats set to ratchet up personal attacks, dirty tricks in 2010.
  8. Obama’s Safe Schools Czar wrote that killing someone for calling you names was “not aberrant behavior”
  9. Obama White House has already planned to put severe restrictions on “sport fishing.” That means you going fishing with your kid in fresh or salt water.
  10. Lindsey Graham backs “cap and trade making electricity too expensive for ordinary people to afford it” bill