Take Action: Use the other side's tools against the Healthcare Highjack

HR 3200, the House Bill The calls for fixing America’s “broken healthcare system” are misleading. America does not have a monolithic government monopoly for healthcare like the ones many socialist countries have that are so popular to those conducting UN funded studies. America has a healthcare market with a substantial part of the market controlled by several government monopoly healthcare systems including Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, S-CHIP, the VA, and various union and governmental pension and healthcare insurance plans. In addition, healthcare insurance market is distorted by massive government regulation, at both the Federal and State level, that prevents most individuals from being able to afford to purchase individual healthcare insurance, or even get insurance that covers exactly what they want it to cover. Medical lawsuit abuse and government regulation drives every bit of the increase in healthcare costs. The Democrats do not plan to fix the healthcare “system,” because they do not restrict their plan to the portion of the market that is already the governmental system. They plan to highjack the healthcare market completely, replacing the market with a monolithic government monopoly over 10-15-20 years.

This highjack of the healthcare market must be stopped. We will have to do it without much help. There is no cavalry to stop it for us. We do not have the moneybags behind our side that the government monopolists do. They had Soros bankrolling the propaganda, but now the $800 billion 2009 stimulus and other funds looted from the taxpayer bankroll their propaganda efforts. The media is in the pocket of the pro-highjack side. Academia is too. And big business, chastened by the sight of the President of the US firing the CEO of GM, is scared to do anything but support a healthcare highjack. Doctors, retirees, and pharmacists are overwhelmingly against the healthcare highjack, but the AMA, AARP, and big Pharma companies have betrayed their constituents and are backing it. Stimulus funded so-called community organizers, union thugs, and their allies in the communist allied antiwar movement, are all being paid to push the Democrat Party’s healthcare highjack.

We do not have their focused, organized resources. But we have numbers. We outnumber them. 85% of Americans are happy with their healthcare insurance and doctor. We outnumber them better than 5 to 1. All we need are the resources to allow us to get our voices out.

The healthcare highjack forces have made those resources available to the public. President Obama’s Agitators Organizers for America have resources for their partisans that will help them get their astroturf pro-highjack message to mostly Democrat congressmen and congresswomen. Use their resources. But don’t use the Democrats’ anti-freedom agenda. Make sure to take literature along that expresses the pro-freedom point of view.

First, click to sign up for an office visit at your congressional jellyfish’s offices. They will provide you with all the local office addresses, and with links to choose a time. This will not set up an appointment, but it is set up so that congressional offices get constant visits throughout the day. You will probably get a call from an Obama organizer. Humor them if you can.

Write a letter. Make it legible. Either use your best handwriting, or type and print it on the computer. There is a good list of 8 reality checks the healthcare highjack partisans have been falsely disputing about HR3200, the House bill, at Classical Ideals. You can print that out and add it to your letter, or print out any of hundreds of other wonderful online resources to attach to your letter. By the way, if you have any good resources, please mention them in comments so other people can use them. Make your letter itself short. Here is an example letter.

Dear <name>:I am opposed to HR3200 and all other plans to replace the Medical and Healthcare Insurance marketplaces with government-run monopolies.

Not only are the bills that have been released to public view full of wasteful spending, they do nothing to reduce the cost of medical care. The primary solution that might reduce the spiraling cost of medical care is tort reform, and that is not under consideration in any of the public bills. On the other hand, the bills are full of giveaways to community organizers and labor unions, giving the impression that this is a simple partisan scheme to take taxpayers’ money and give it to highly partisan organizations. Given that these bills do nothing to reduce the cost of medical care, that they enlarge government bureaucracy by no fewer than 45 new government agencies, that they vastly increase spending at a time when we are running unprecedented deficits, that they are giveaways to the same labor unions and community organizers that got so much stimulus money, and that they replace a functioning free market with a government monopoly, I believe it is your duty and obligation to vote against them, and in fact to do everything within your power to oppose them.

Sincerely, your constituent,

When you visit the offices, be friendly. Introduce yourself to the staff using your first and last name. Use their names as you speak to them. Most likely you will not be talking to the congress person. You’ll be talking to staff. You can talk to volunteers, but make sure that you work your way to the paid staff when it comes time to deliver your letter. Tell them you live in their district and the neighborhood or town you live in. Be friendly. Make small talk at first. Then get down to business. Have two copies of whatever you will give them. Hand them the original of your letter for the congressperson and any supporting literature and ask them to sign a copy of the letter so you have proof it was received. If you have a cellphone with camera, or a small camera, ask if you can take a picture of you and the worker shaking hands for the memories.

When you are done, you might want to visit more. If it is remotely possible, visit the offices of both your senators and your representative. You know the healthcare highjack partisans will be.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth your time to visit your congress person’s office, read this for motivation. Mitch Stewart writes for healthcare highjack partisans:

All throughout August, our members of Congress are back in town. Insurance companies and partisan attack groups are stirring up fear with false rumors about the President’s plan, and it’s extremely important that folks like you speak up now.

So we’ve cooked up an easy, powerful way for you to make a big impression: Office Visits for Health Reform.

All this week, OFA members like you will be stopping by local congressional offices to show our support for insurance reform. You can have a quick conversation with the local staff, tell your personal story, or even just drop off a customized flyer and say that reform matters to you.

We’ll provide everything you need: the address, phone number, and open hours for the office, information about how the health care crisis affects your state for you to drop off (with the option of adding your personal story), and a step-by-step guide for your visit.

Click here to find your representatives’ local offices.

As you’ve probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it’s getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can’t let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand.

Office Visits for Health Reform are our chance to show that the vast majority of American voters know that the cost of inaction is too high to bear, and strongly support passing health reform in 2009.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. The congressional staff is there to listen, and your opinion as a constituent matters a lot. And if you bring a friend, you’ll have more fun and make an even greater impact.

Click here to sign up for an Office Visit for Health Reform.

Wherever you live, these visits matter: Many representatives are pushing hard toward reform, and they are taking a lot of heat from special interests. They deserve our thanks and need our support to continue the fight. But those who are still putting insurance companies and partisan point-scoring ahead of their constituents must know that voters are watching — and that we expect better.

Earlier this week, the President wrote that “this is the moment our movement was built for” and asked us all to commit to join at least one event this month. This is the way to answer that call, and rise to the challenge of this moment together.


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