We Scare because we Care: An Obamascare Roundup

Omonstersinc-wavebamonsters Inc.© has been flooding the zone with pure insanity about the health scare plan, much of it actually in the bills. Not only are the bills filled with billions, perhaps trillions, in giveaways to ACORN, Americorps, the SEIU, and foreign tourists, they have abortion and euthanasia mandates that would, in turn, close Catholic hospitals and deny curative care to sick old folks while paying doctors to kill them. There are lies galore about the contents of the bills from the flapping gums at the White House. The whole Cloward-Piven mess of lies is confusing because the Dems want it to be. Where is a poor conservative seeker of truth to go in this world of lies and confusion constantly being spit out from the government, newspapers, television news and all those who have long claimed the mantle of truth-telling only to betray the trust we gave them? If you go look at the census data, you will see that those earning above the average income are more likely to be uninsured than those below. People with more money are more likely to have no insurance than those with less. This is clearly not a problem with affordability, but with making a big deal out of nothing. It’s the Chicken Little syndrome.

So since Obamascare is so senseless, we need all the help we can get to make sense of it. Thus the round-up. I’ll put out my links. Readers add their links. I will keep up the updates with your updates for a while. Comment up a storm to make it better.

The Awful and Unbearable Bills Themselves

  • 6a00d834518ccc69e20115720ad586970b-800wiSenate: HC09 (pdf only) as of July 29. Index here.
  • House: HR3200 (and pdf) as of July 14. Index here.
  • The Infamous Healthcare Flowchart

Reading the Bills

Blogs and Resources

And I would be remiss if I did not mention my most recent thinking on the Health Care debate: Chicken Little is not a story to emulate.



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