30 Years to Electrical Grid Collapse and Renewable Energy Won't Cut It

Ralph Ellis writes Renewable energy – our downfall? over at Watts Up With That. Anthony Watts introduces the article thusly:

For the record, let me say that I support some of the renewable energy ideas, even putting money where my mouth is, putting solar on my own home and a local school. However, neither project would have been possible without state subsidies. For renewable energy to work in our economy, it must move past the government subsidy stage and become more efficient. It took over a hundred years t create our current energy infrastructure, anyone who believes we can completely rebuild it with the current crop of renewable energy technologies is not realistic. – Anthony

Mr. Ellis talks about all the technologies available, both the renewable and unreliable choices and the nuclear option. Then he gets down to the wall we are racing towards.

We have about 30 or so years before the shortage of oil becomes acute and our economies and societies begin to falter, Steam Powered Fire Engine and that is not very much time in which to alter our entire energy production industry. It is like relying on the Victorians to plan ahead and ensure that we still had a viable civilisation in the 1930s. And while the Victorians were both successful and resourceful, history demonstrates that new sources of raw materials were never actively planned until the old sources were in desperately short supply or worked-out completely. However, the introduction of a new, nationwide power generating system is an extremely long-term investment, and if we are to make this change without a dramatic interruption to our energy supplies (and our society) we need foresight, vision and a quick decision. What we need is a tough, educated, talented, rational leader to take a difficult but responsible decision to dramatically increase our nuclear energy production capability. However, what we have in the UK is Gordon Brown!

He has Brown. We have Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Gaia worshipping Voluntary Human Extinction Green Movement, and the partisan media. None of these people or organizations can overcome their own rectal-cranial inversions long enough to see where we are going. They shall have to be expelled from any position of responsibility or influence if they don’t remove themselves voluntarily.

Highly recommended. Read the whole thing, including the very educational comments.


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