Just another openly Gay Marine Captain Battalion Commander, err, actually just another escaped mental patient who has never served in any branch of the military

Thanks to This Ain’t Hell for chasing this nutcase down.

Remember Iraq Veterans Against the War, the anti-war political theater group that once starred Jesse MacBeth, the fraudulent Army Ranger and supposed Iraq War veteran who told lurid stories of the 200 senseless murders he committed as an Army Ranger in Iraq, or would have committed if he actually were an Army Ranger instead of a stinking sack? It turns out that another one of the stars of the IVAW, andrick-duncan-liar the founder of the Colorado Veterans Alliance (CVA), is now proved to be a liar. Not just a liar, mind you, but a liar and an escaped mental patient who was never in any branch of the military because the military does not take guys who are as deranged as a jimson-weed-eating naked clown.

Nobody with a lick of sense who heard Rick Duncan’s cuckoo stories of how he was an openly gay Marine Captain commanding a battalion in Iraq would have doubted he was crazy or a liar, or both.

As a Captain, I commanded a battalion of Marines and there was no secret that I am gay and the majority of them did not care. I was a good Marine, a good officer and loved my Marines and my country. (This ain’t Hell)

Faker exposed. His name isn’t even Rick Duncan. He was not in the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. He is Richard Glen Strandlof of Colorado Springs, liar and fruitcake. And to add to his embarrassment, he is now under investigation for fraud and embezzlement.

How embarrassing!

How come the much vaunted objective media failed to catch yet another obvious fraud? Was it the first day with a new brain every time a new brainless reporter did a fawning story about the brave, openly gay Marine captain speaking truth to power?

Guess so.


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