EXPOSED: Top Level Left Wing Conspiracy of Lies in the UK

British Labour Party officials, working at party headquarters, on the clock, on and around January 13 this year, invented and chortled over the most vile and indefensible slurs, smears, and lies they could think of to launch against Conservative Party politicians in the weeks leading up to the elections this fall. They even sent their smears and plans around in email, and praised themselves on how “brilliant” they were!

I bet everyone reading this can see where this is heading!

In a lesson of how the left works, as if we Americans who have had to deal with the media’s and the left’s (but I repeat myself) unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin’s relatives didn’t know that this was happening on our shores as well, a blogger called Guido Fawkes received email plans originally from the office of the freaking Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing St. on how to smear Conservatives in Parliament prior to this fall’s elections. And Fawkes (whose real name is Paul Staines) released them to News of the World, among other places.

This all started when Damian McBride, the political and press advisor to the Prime Minister, sent “salacious, disgusting and wholly untrue” rumors to Derek Draper, who runs LabourList, Labour’s official website. Draper is a Labour second stringer who was angling to get back onto the government gravy train. Draper’s response was to tell McBride that his ideas were “brilliant” and he (Draper) needed to look into timing and technology. Draper did not want to put the rumors on LabourList, where his name would be attached to them, and decided to put them out on The Red Rag, a hilariously named empty blog registered to Oliver Cromwell, of all people. Draper may have the moral and ethical values of an amoeba but he knows how to protect himself from splashback when he’s about to fling feces at the wall to see what will stick.

Now, to add another cliche, he found out his target, believed a wall, was a fan. A high powered fan that was already turned on. The blowback has already anulled the Blushing McBride’s career. And it looks like it’s going to be … wait for it …


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. We all want to be headline writers some days.

Let’s review what Draper wrote to McBride.

These are absolutely totally brilliant Damian.

I’ll think about timing and sort out the technology with Andrew this week so we can go asap.

Do we want to tip off anyone about Red Rag having set up? Walters? I could do it and say LabouLlist had been sent the link anonymously (source, see comment from “richard white”)

When faced with his emails, Draper went to denial. He didn’t manage to call it a distraction. But he did say it was really silly, and he didn’t do it, and he took it back, and Conservatives invented smearing, and he was outraged that his private email got out the same week that the Labour government he supports claimed it had the right to read any email it wanted at any time for any purpose without recourse, and if all that is somewhat less than believable, he didn’t mean to lie on purpose. You see, his lie was unintentional: A mistake; a bad joke; just kidding; sorry guvnor, you’re looking right dashing; it’s all Guido’s fault. Unintentional lies from the guy running Labour’s online operation. Riiiiiight! Because when you hire someone to run your online operation it’s important to find someone who can’t tell whether he’s lying or telling the truth. Or at least so Draper would have us believe. Apparently he thinks he’s the only one listening with more than two brain cells, or maybe he thinks that he can drive everyone into a coma with his tedious half-truths and personal attacks, and win by default.

By the way, remember when Conservative MP to the European Parliament Daniel Hannan got all that YouTube love and TV coverage in the US a week or so ago? Well, guess who the BBC trotted out in order to smear Hannan? You got it: Draper. Quite a useful little lying sack of pond scum for the BBC and other lefty tools.

Watch some of Draper’s mendacity if you can stand it.

Why should Americans care about this?

Americans who do not know must learn exactly what the left does. Personal attack is what the left has always done from the days of the Jacobins to Marx and Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky, to Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Gramsci, and Alinsky, all the way to DKos, Clinton and Obama. To leftists, personal attacks are more effective than addressing ideas. Personal Attack is the center of the Alinsky method of community organization in which both Obamas as well as Hillary Clinton were trained. It works because induced outrage is the center of the Alinsky method, and outrage never reaches full strength until it is directed against an individual. Leftism, especially Alinskyism, is about living in outrage and envy. That is why lefties are always so angry. And it is why they are so quick to insult and smear their opponents.

Americans, open your eyes to what the left does, whether it be these sorts of lies and calumnies or the classless gutter language of Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox. Learn to recognize it. Learn to anticipate it. Learn to reject it, and those who use such vile tactics.