Venezuela has a chance tomorrow to get rid of its fascist dictator

Though the Venezuelan government expelled a Spanish diplomat for saying so, when Luis Herrero criticised the kaiser of Caracas and the extended polls on the question of removing term limits for Chavez and his stooges in the government. Herrero called Hugo Chavez a dictator, which is a little bit like calling a dandy a popinjay, and that was verboten in the “glorious” socialist workers’ “paradise” of Venezuela. The expulsion was couched in typically Orwellian and communist terms, to sound like the exact opposite of its real message.

“In line with instructions from the electoral power and guaranteeing the customary respect of human rights, European deputy Luis Herrero has been invited to leave the country,” said a statement from the foreign ministry.

Tomorrow the future of struggling oil giant Venezuela is up for vote. The people of Venezuela will have a chance to vote for or against Chavez’s intention to stay in office for the rest of his life. This is good news as far as it goes. Who will vote, who will count the votes, and whether they will be counted truthfully, is not quite so good. Channel News Asia writes:

“If I get aid from the opposition, I’ll vote ‘No’. If I don’t, I’ll vote ‘Yes’ on Sunday,” shouted Amparo Perez, a resident of the biggest Caracas slum, over singing campaigners in a rubbish-strewn street.

The unemployed 37-year-old said she had for four years sought funding from the government of President Hugo Chavez for a project to help poor families.

“We haven’t got anything,” Perez said.

Along with a group of friends, Perez now seeks aid from the district’s new opposition mayor. If he declines, they say they will protest by voting ‘Yes’ for Chavez.

Though students successfully opposed his earlier attempt in 2007 to repeal term limits, this time their efforts are struggling under ferocious propaganda and intimidation. Two Vatican offices in Caracas have been attacked with tear-gas, a synagogue was desecrated by gunmen, the Caracas City Hall and four other city buildings have been seized by anti-liberal Chavista agitators, and a cultural center was ransacked. This article in the Belfast Telegraph offers a good overview of the problems with Venezuela, which are fueled by virulent class warfare egged on by Chavez and his Marxist, useful idiot comrades.

* * *

Well, that’s Venezuela and I live in the US. They are not quite the same, but with the personality cult under The One, The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful how long before we have our own Chavista revanchists in the US?

The road to serfdom starts with central planning of the sort that has blasted into the American economy since September 2008, and that only got worse with the passing of the porkulus last night. The US is headed for worse economic times, for restrictions of free speech for reasons of “localism,” “hate speech,” “multiculturalism,” and “victims rights,” for the restriction of gun rights through punitive taxation, for the restriction of religion in public life, for fewer property rights for home- and business-owners.

Let us not fail to seize our own chance to expel our own incipient anti-liberal (in its original meaning of counter to liberty) dictator when 2012 comes around. In the meantime, his socialist stooges have to go starting in 2009 and 2010.