Now Setting News Coverage Priorities for USA: Obama's Three Ambassadors to the News

Starting at 6 in the morning, James Carville grunts out “whazgoanawn” to Rahm Emanuel and George Stephanopoulos. A little later, Paul Begala joins the conversation. Through the morning, the four pals commence to hatching the conventional wisdom for the day. They decide on the spin they will encourage in the media, so as to best help out the new President. The Messiah, President Government, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful, whatever you call him he is blessed to have three such good pals of his chief of staff going out into the news to preach his sermons. And that doesn’t even include Chris “Tingler” Matthews and his obamagasmic leg. Emanuel talks about policy, outlining some proposal or other that the Democrats can use to score points against Republicans, and his pals give him feedback on how it will work, and how he can improve it.

Begala said he often can’t remember the originator of any particular insight: “We talk so much — was this my idea that James changed, or was this George’s observation that Rahm tweaked?”

Andrew Malcolm comments:

Many political operatives of both parties participate in such daily or weekly calls to ensure they’re all on the same talking points page and to exchange gossip and tips and anticipate what the opposition is going to say that day.

What’s different in the revelation about this group, however, is that one of them (Emanuel) is a key operative in the current administration with a huge political stake in getting its message out its way, and the other three can go on TV as alleged observers and pass along the talking point line that best benefits their pal Rahm. All free, until now, of any apparent conflict or caveats.

Something to keep in mind the next time you watch George “reporting” on ABC or Carville and Begala “commenting” on CNN or somewhere.

Ed Morrissey comments:

It looks like a deliberate propaganda campaign, especially since none of the three have bothered to mention their cozy relationship with Obama’s right hand man. Viewers should know that these three commentators check in daily at the White House to see what the story of the day might — or should — be.

All I have to add is this nifty picture. I think it says it all.

President Government's Three Ambassadors to the News Media
President Government's Three Political Operatives Inside the News Media. Best of all, nobody seems to mind or think this is a blatant conflict of interest!

I’m fond of the way those Soviet ambassadorial uniforms turned out, and the Serbian ambassadorial uniform on Begala is pretty slick too.