Ten Days 'til the Other Hsu drops

The Smoking Gun has the letter from Norman Hsu’s lawyer, and Drudge announces it.

Before becoming a key fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, Hsu co-hosted a 2005 California fundraiser for Obama’s political action committee and introduced the Illinois Democrat to Marc Gorenberg, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who later joined the Obama campaign’s national finance committee. Prosecutors allege that Hsu directed his investors to donate money to specific candidates, and then reimbursed them in violation of federal campaign laws. Unswayed by Cohen’s argument, Marrero declined to delay the trial, which will begin a week before Obama’s inauguration. (6 pages)

Ah, I have such memories, memories of Rezko… Hsu… ACORN… Valerie Jarret… Nadhmi Auchi… Blago… The SEIU and Teamsters… Ayers and Dohrn… Wright… Pfleger… Emil Jones… Not to mention Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chinagate… All rats waiting for a chance to run from the sinking ship…

Start a big batch of popcorn, cross your fingers, and watch the media frantically trying to spin away the fireworks starting January 12.


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