Donald E. Westlake and others, RIP

In 1979, J. Morgan Cunningham wrote a Signet paperback original titled Comfort Station. On the cover was a blurb from Donald E. Westlake, “I wish I had written this book!” The joke is that Westlake did write it under one of his many pseudonyms. Westlake left his manual typewriter for the last time on New Year’s Eve, 2008, at the age of 75. He died as happily as a man can reasonably expect, expiring from an apparent heart attack while on vacation in Mexico with his wife, as he was on his way out the door for a New Year’s Eve dinner. You can read an obit at the Weekly Standard, which also has a longer article about his body of work and an article by Westlake on President George W. Bush. Buy his books here and help out his widow, Abby.