A poetic elegy to Editing diaries, and plea for the function's speedy return

As promised…

* * *

Oh Redstate, oh Redstate, alliance of fellow conservative minds,
Inspiring and guiding, enlisting conservatives, often maligned
In the leftosphere, for its consistent support of the natural law,
And of freedom consistent with sanity, tradition, and progress bourgeois.

Recall you, dear Redstaters, when we could edit and improve on our thought,
As hastily typed into diaries, strengthening fragments ill wrought?
It’s sloppy, I know that, and still, we’re learning by thinking and writing,
We’re most of us amateur wordsmiths, please don’t make our tools uninviting.

You see, we make errors, and need all the help we can get from the site,
Please bring back the option to edit ‘fore Christmas. God bless and good night.

* * *

The poem is written in anapestic hexameter and arranged in rhyming couplets. This is a rollicking rhythm, with a sing-songy sound to it, almost like a martial song. But it’s also similar to the rhythm that Dr. Seuss uses for almost everything. For that reason, I like to use it for less than serious poems.

I hope you all enjoy it, and that we get our editing back. I sure won’t be revising this diary or any other until we do.