I’ve just been looking over presidential race polls across the country. To say that the State By State results are disturbing is an understatement. It appears that even after all of the ways the OBAMA administration,  which of course includes,  DHS, DOJ, The State Dept, The Dept. of the Interior, The Dept. of Education, and the Dept. of The Treasury, plus his appointed “CZARS”,  has broken Constitutional Law since he took office, an INCREDIBLE number of Americans still plan to vote for OBAMA’S re-election!?!

The country, as Joe Biden recently said is in the “worst recession ever”. Gas is oh so conveniently going down, but really over $3.00/ gallon?  Groceries are too expensive to buy;  with MILK AT $4.00 A GALLON, a loaf of bread over a buck a loaf, meats including chicken, are higher than ever, vegetables (fresh, frozen and canned) are out of touch, without sacrificing somewhere else, and Utilities STILL rising.

Corruption at all levels of government, seems to be the rule rather than the exception today, (although we all know “power absolutely corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.) I just cannot wrap my fertile mind around Any American with even the most vague ability to comprehend financial matters, legal matters, our moral degradation, and an overt ATTACK on CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY , would even consider supporting its continuance.

I am far from wealth, and we struggle at times to make ends meet but I am here to say: the government could offer me FREE EVERYTHING, and airplane to use whenever I wanted it at no cost to me,  in exchange for  my liberty, (what little little bit of it remains), I can say with no equivocation that my vote would remain as it is today… CONSERVATIVE.

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