Obama's Single Payer System

Obamacare will remain on the front burner in 2014 – it has definitely been one of the culprits that have stalled our economy. Businesses have worked lean and mean since 2010 because of the many unknowns that have accompanied the “Obamacare” law.

Now in 2014, Obamacare is destructing and destroying the economy; (1) Putting additional financial burdens on families, (2) The reason businesses are laying off or placing full time employees on part-time employment, (3) The Medical field faces dire problems due to the cost, the affordability and the elimination of many physicians, surgeons, clinics not included in the ACA plans.

So the real question is this – why is the Obama Administration and Democrats defending a healthcare law that is doomed to die on the vine? There is one reason and one reason only – Obama knew ACA would fail, but in order to turn our healthcare into a one payer system he had to place Americans in a position where they had to depend on the Government for their healthcare.

Democrats want a one payer system and are delighted that Obama’s strategy is working. Many of us who were insured have were put in a position that we had to participate in the Obamacare law in order to protect our children and families. Obamacare was the only choice left – we’d lost our insurers, our specialists, our hospitals, clinics and our healthcare choices.

Read a portion of Obama’s weekly address – wrap you mind around a few absolute untruths that is a large part of Obama’s DNA. Many people refer to him as the greatest orator of our times – but to me it’s apparent that he is the greatest deceiver of all times. Anyway here’s his opening statement in his weekly address.
Read the full transcript of the president’s address:
“Hi, everybody. Yesterday, we learned that in 2013, our businesses created 2.2 million new jobs – including 87,000 last month. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since October 2008. And across our broader economy, there are signs of progress. Our manufacturing and housing sectors are rebounding. Our energy, technology, and auto sectors are booming. Thanks in part to the reforms in the Affordable Care Act, health care costs now eat up less of our economy – over the past four years, costs have grown at the slowest rate on record. And since I took office, we’ve cut our deficits by more than half.

Let’s dissect this statement the 2.2 million new jobs he’s blabbering about are mainly seasonal or part-time which reflects back to the fact that millions of Americans no longer looking for jobs and most of these part time jobs don’t pay any benefits.

As far as the ACA eating up less of our economy this isn’t true, in fact it’s a down right lie. The ACA will cause chaos in 2014 plunging us deeper into an already vicious recession, more lay – offs, more part time employees, fewer jobs and tremendous debt…

Review his last sentence, is this person from the same planet as we are or is he an alien from the Middle East – it’s takes more than guts to say, “Since I took office, we’ve cut our deficits by more than half.” Our National Deficit alone has topped 17 trillion and growing at a rate of 2.6 billion daily as of September 2012.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell if Obamacare isn’t repealed immediately, we the people will soon be indebted to “Big Government” to take care of our healthcare.

They will pick and choose who will get covered, where they will receive medical care along with a yearly increase to the already high deductibles and co-payments.

Think I’m just blowing smoke – go back to this video and review Obama’s remarks about our healthcare. http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/10/29/Flashback-Obama-s-Campaign-to-Transition-to-Single-Payer-Health-Care-VIDEO

The strategy was pretty darn easy for Obama – with Pelosi’s help they passed a healthcare law that no one understood or had read in its entirety. Republicans should hang their head in shame over this scandal!

Lois Lerner could care less if the ACA website works or not – they’ve already succeeded in the first step which is to strip all Americans of their insurers, doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics etc…

Obama and gang know Obamacare will crash, but they’re counting that before the crash comes they will have the power to jump into a single payer healthcare plan and they may be right! If Obamacare isn’t repealed, all Americans will become a large part of the “entitlement” society.

As Always,
Little Tboca