"Dumb and Dumber" - Obama Administration

Let’s see what a Dictator can get away with before he’s stopped. So far it appears he’s on top of his game because there have been over 27 changes to Obamacare according to so Galen Institute -no one knows from day to day what tomorrow may bring. The past five years Obama has discovered that he can absolutely rewrite laws or bi-pass our Constitution any time without Congress.

Obamacare has caused enormous fear and anxiety for those who are losing their current insurers. Why the Democrats are allowing Obama to continue this downward political spiral against Americans is certainly a question that must be answered soon if they are hoping to remain in office. Democrats realize you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – Obamacare is flawed.

When it takes 11,000 plus pages to create a law someone definitely didn’t know how to write a healthcare law. Just a thought – does anyone think the Supreme Court ever read a stack of papers 3 feet high called the Affordable Care Act?

Obama in 2009 was fairly cautious and just sort of tested the waters. This also was the year he hid behind closed doors working on his so called signature piece (Obamacare). Will anyone ever expose the billions of dollars that it took to craft Obamacare, to build an unfriendly website, market and advertise it?

In 2009, Obama had an open ended charge card and 787 billion dollars of our money to play with, which is just what he did. I mention this again because much of our money was misused and literally stolen from Americans. He played Santa Claus picking and choosing the venues that would continue giving him support during his first term.

The Unions, his big contributors, the Gays, the green scam and many corrupt lenders were just a few of his favorites, because he knew they would let him breeze through the next 3 years unscathed – in fact he knew by paying them back in 2009 and 2010 they would be a shoo-in when he knocked on their door for a nice fat contribution for his second term.

As time went on he started showing his fangs and disdain for our Constitution and our Nation. Take the Immigration debacle – back in 2010 he pretty much nullified the existing immigration law and with the able assistance of John Morton we basically don’t have any existing immigration laws worth a “Tinker’s Damn.” Obama keeps invoking his own laws concerning immigration – neither Republicans nor Democrats have taken the fight to the public. As usual “all show and no go.”

Almost since his inauguration he figured out how to start arming and filtering money to the Muslim Brotherhood – actually Obama has been a key player in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood even going so far as placing some the Brotherhood in our White House. The question remains – where were the Republicans and Democrats during this time? The billions Obama spent padding the Muslim Brotherhood’s
pocket could have gone to our Military or reduction of our National Debt.

Like most dictators in history, Obama is surrounded by a host of supporters who literally would die before exposing his corrupt and often illegal revisions of our Constitution and the laws of our land. There are so many unanswered questions and so far Obama slithers away from vital issues that have affected millions of Americans like, Fast and Furious, the belly up green companies, Benghazi, IRS and NSA.

Maybe Clinton and Obama agreed that Ambassador Stevens had worn out his usefulness in Benghazi or maybe some hanky panky was going on… Possibly the deal with the terrorists was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens so Obama would release the blind sheik to the terrorists in exchange for Ambassador Stevens. Or did Chris know too much about arms and money being filtered to the Middle East countries into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood – had he become a liability?

Does Obama’s fierce protection of Lois Lerner have anything to do with her rapid response to Malik Obama (Obama’s half – brother) and Obama’s “Auntie?” With a whisk of her magic wand “Auntie and Bro” received their tax exempt status for their so called charities overnight.

Isn’t it amazing that Americans are still paying this Lois Lerner person? She’s the one who refused to testify under oath about the IRS scandal – the person responsible for targeting Tea Parties and she’s still on our payroll?

Yes, many questions remain a mystery about the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, Secret Service prostitution, IRS, NSA, new immigration laws and Obama’s Martial Law preparation – none of which have been solved….

There’s definitely a mode of operation here – Obama’s first five years are laden with serious problems. Obama promises Americans that he’ll get to the bottom of these many scandals, but notice he never delivers!

He doesn’t know anything about anything and no one in his Administration knows anything about anything. It’s like the old movie “The Dumb and Dumber.” A White House full of blithering idiots…
Americans are awakening – they are weary, frustrated and angry with Obama and his idle promises. They are tired of our Military being attacked, our borders unsecured, big Government, no transparency and no real budget. Most of all they dislike those who are burdening our children and grandchildren with unnecessary debt, part–time jobs and a sluggish economy.

As Always,
Little Tboca