The Norm Changed - Ask Phil

After listening to all of the scuttlebutt about Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson a few things come to mind that haven’t been mentioned by the news media. Those who are attempting to make a big deal out of Phil’s interview with GQ seem to be taking his remarks personally. Now why could that be when we live in a Country that allows freedom of speech?

Phil Robertson, spoke when QA questioned him – he didn’t give his personal viewpoints but delivered a message that’s been a long time coming. For those who felt offended it must go back to the old saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

The short on all of this malarkey is this – the “norm” in our Nation was subtly changed over a period of many years. One generation after the other has been submersed into the gradually changing of the “norm” and we the people pretty much went along with the program, grumbling and complaining some.

The good ole family movies on TV were fit for all men, women and children to watch – eventually these great shows were kicked out and replaced with violence, sex, killing, maiming and not fit for men, women or children to watch. Movies followed suit! Many didn’t like the trashy movies and TV programs that were taking over as entertainment, but we once again moved over and allowed it to happen.
Dr. Spock came on the scene and all young parents gobbled or should I say devoured everything this “Quack” had to say.

Spock’s message to parents is let the kids be free, basically he preached very little discipline but a boat full of freedom – of course the parents grabbed this bit of information and literally bent over backward to please their kids. Even Spock admitted that he had erred in many ways when telling parents how to raise their kids.

Instead of concentrating on mentoring along with love and discipline parents literally changed rolls with their children, parents no longer ran the household – the kids were in charge.
Almost at the same time, our schools were being invaded teachers, school superintendent were being sued by parents for insisting that children behave while in the classroom. The Supreme Court one must remember gave the parents and their children a free rein to pretty much destroy our education system. But, again we growled complained and moved over a bit more while our children were mentally being brainwashed and attacked from all sides. As the norm changed, so did our Nation that was once “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.”

At the same time our Supreme Court, Government was being infiltrated and as time went on Americans would awake each morning wondering what can I say at work, what are those words I can’t use anymore, what happened to prayer in the schools, Ten Commandments in the courts, the right to say “Merry Christmas” or what could be the problem displaying the Nativity at Christmas time?

We moved over for a minority (a small percentage of the population) and a bunch of meddlers that are out to destroy the greatest Country in the World. They always want more, need more and greedily try to take from those who are “God” fearing men and women. Yep, fellow Americans the norm has changed, just ask Phil Robertson.

One of the greatest gifts we could give our Children or Grandchildren – the gift that Phil Robertson has been spreading on A&E. The Ten Commandments is a road map for all to follow and if we did there would be peace throughout our Nation.
As Always,
Little Tboca