Meet Harry Cunning and Johnny Squeaker

So five years have passed since Obama took office and five years later Americans are still waiting for the promise of a budget, smaller Government, secured borders, jobs, transparency and a strong economy. What did we get in five years a leader and Administration who are addicted to spending, redistribution, big Government, open borders, no transparency, a weakened military and a toxic economy.

The unemployment rate that has gotten raving reviews is stacked, a large majority are working part time jobs and considering this is the Holiday season there is always an increase in employment. Wait until mid – summer of 2014 and see what the real unemployment rate is – hold on to your hat folks because it will be dismal.

We hear the House controls our purse strings and if this in fact is true than they should be tarred and feathered and removed from our White House. The young kids on the block that were voted into office in 2010 have taken their oath seriously and it’s apparent that the Old politicians have them by a head lock.

No doubt if Harry Reid had been a true Patriot and determined to work with the House many things would be different today, but Harry has a different agenda and it darn sure doesn’t include the welfare of Americans. He’s number one hatchet man for Barack Obama and he’s successfully stalled and shredded each and every bill that the House has presented him.

So our Nation’s first and most imminent problem is determining who in fact is in control of our charge cards and money. The next big problem is this – no one in the White House will take responsibility for the bloody spending problems or the murderous scandals that we’ve experienced starting with the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, the Benghazi assassinations, Navy Team 6 murders or the Christians and innocents killed by the guns and ammo walking across the ocean into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Conveniently our politicians have gone missing during these times and are AWOL.

Not one politician can raise their hand and give us honest answers or resolutions – there’s no one at home in our White House it is run by a bunch of blood suckers who put themselves first on the priority list and to hell with their fellow Americans. The new kids on the block are the exception as mentioned earlier, but they’re basically under lock and key – held hostage by the old Republican and Democrat elites.

Everything is after the fact – sometimes it is years later before we the people get an inkling as to what is really happening behind closed doors. When the scam finally makes daily headlines, the Democrats and Republicans put on their sad angry faces and pretend that they’re truly concerned. Now here’s where the dog and pony show kicks in they take the position of innocent until proven guilty.

Then they blame each other, Bush, God, the weather, the ATM’s, throw in the race card and lastly they blame “They.” Now I don’t know about you, but to save my fanny I don’t know who “They” are or what “They” are doing in our White House. If we could nab “They” we’d be able to put the guilty ones behind bars.

Here are 2 examples of poor stewardship and proof that no one really gives a “tinkers damn.” The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is a perfectly example – we the people begrudgingly gave them about 800 billion dollars give or take a little to help America recover from the horrible recession.

The most of that money was funneled out the backdoor as soon as we handed it in the front – the money used for those who were having their homes repossessed went to many mortgage companies and lenders who were already up to their armpits in lawsuits due to their various devious business activities.

Not one politician had the time or inclination to monitor our money – nope no one was in charge. I was one of those homeowners and it was merely another Obama redistribution scheme.

Millions of the stimulus money went to Obama’s green scams and we were told as each one was declaring bankruptcy like Solyndra, Chevy Volt, Fisker and 16 other sleazy green companies. In fact “Heritage” reported that about 80% of the money for the green companies went to Obama’s campaign donors or backers. Not one Republican or Democrat bothered to tell Americans what Obama was doing with our money nor did they tell us these companies were going belly up.

Obamacare is possibly another billion dollar scam that is and will continue costing all Americans an arm and leg. The poorly constructed website that doesn’t function correctly and most likely never will has cost us over 600 million and who knows how much we’re being charged for those trying to repair the botched website. Why didn’t the Republicans and Democrats tell us in 2010 that we couldn’t keep our insurance or our doctors and there wasn’t any 2500 dollars savings?

Bottom-line is this: Obama is still spending our money like the addicted junkie that he is and no one seems to care. Five years have passed and we the people are the ones still hurting and the ones that still must pay the “piper.” Something very wrong with this folks – who really is in charge of our money? When will the taxpayers be reimbursed for all of these million dollar scandals?

Look who’s in charge of the House and the Senate. The Speaker of the House, I refer to not too fondly as the “squeaker.” Whenever he is asked to do a man’s job, unite his party and fight for Americans and their great Country he “squeaks,” grabs his yellow bedraggled white flag and skitters out of Dodge as fast as he can.

The Senate Majority leader leaves nothing to the imagination – he’s an Obama worshipper and I refer to him as “Mr. Cunning,” a pathological liar, manipulator and deceiver. That’s all folks, we have a coward in one corner and a pathological liar in the other which leaves little hope for we the people. It’s time to make the clowns in the White House accountable!

As Always
Little Tboca