A Sociopath in Our White House

It’s time to speak up, speak out and clarify who Barack Obama really is and what he’s done in five years in an attempt to destroy our Nation. Let’s call a “Spade a Spade” now, to heck with what someone has conjured up as to what is and what isn’t politically correct. Don’t know about you but I tossed the “Damn” race card out in 2008 when Obama and the Liberal news media were shoving it down our throat in 2008.

What you will read in this article has nothing to do with race, color of skin, financial status or Political Party. It is strictly based on cold hard facts depicting how a corrupt politician and his cohorts brought change to our awesome Nation. It’s all about misrepresentation, manipulation and selfish control to attain one’s goals.

When facing a critical problem, first one must discover the source. That’s pretty darn easy – look no further just take a jaunt over to our White House. Here you’ll find a group of like – minded people spawned from Alinsky, Socialists, Communists and extremists who have been working 24/7 to take over our Nation.

The Commander and Chief leads this pack from a distance, never getting his hands dirty, not even rolling up his sleeves because those serving him have waited for years for the Obama God to arrive in their midst. They have infiltrated our Government, our schools and our courts patiently waiting to make their move to destroy America as we know it.
To me I say it’s time to cut to the chase and call a “spade a spade.” One word describes Barack Obama – no it isn’t sugar coated or suggestive it aptly depicts and identifies him. SOCIOPATH


Recently Obama said this, “the issue of inequality drives everything I do in this office. There you are folks in a nutshell we have an Alinsky sociopath running our Country. He isn’t here to protect or defend this great Nation – no he’s here to methodically create a big Government turning the people into his workabees.
He will do all of the above via redistribution and he’s off to a good start via our stimulus money, Obamacare, filtering funds to his half – brother and Auntie too! His blooming spending just goes on and on…

While he’s doing this inequality stuff he steals our money to pad the bottomless pockets of the Unions, EPA, his big contributors, his buddies involved in the “Green Scam,” the not so famous Czars, the Muslim Brotherhood and Eastern Countries who are murdering Christians and the innocent. So it’s time to remove our shackles and stand up to this person some refer to as “Mr. President.”

First, notify the House that there will be no more spending – they can live within their means.
Next tell Congress we the people want Obama’s charge card and we the people don’t want any more money sent to any foreign Countries at this time – we want that money spent on our ugly National Debt.

Another FYI for the House and Senate is this: we don’t want Obamacare or a single payer system never did. We want the Government to stay out of our personal business – no more spying on us, no more IRS meddling and no more accumulated debt.

Obama we quit – no longer will we bend under your dictates and Executive Orders. You’ve worn out your welcome and it would be best for our great Nation if you’d quietly resign and find a new Country.

As Always,
Little Tboca