Stand With Our Black American Brothers & Sisters

Normally you would be receiving one of my blogs about Obama this, Obama that and did you know kind of information, but tonight something inside me said it’s time to do something positive like the TPN did in 2010.

It’s time to do more than kick the same political crap back and forth to each other with our comments, solutions and possible cures. So what one thing could we do that would rock Obama back on his heels and make him gasp for air? Here’s the deal – hope you all agree with my plan and let’s join together and pack Obama and Michelle’s bag and send them off with a canoe and paddle, because they surely hate Americans all Americans including the African American Community.

Let me preface a few things – we all know it’s not the color of one’s skin that makes the man. In 2008 we were thrown a big curve that we must partially assume responsibility for – we weren’t exactly engaged in 2007 and 2008. One man running for President in 2008 was a non – descript person with a fancy teleprompter and no past. The other person was an old dog who had been in the political arena too long and succumbed to the addictions of politics – he was what we refer to as a member of the Old Republican establishment.

So back to what we can do to give Obama a grand send off. It’s time to get off our duffs and join our Conservative African Americans who believe in the Constitution, secured borders, a strong Military, small Government and total transparency. Like us they’re fighting for their lives, the lives of their children and grandchildren.

There’s a rumble in the streets that is starting to finger Obama for his devious class warfare tactics. Just when Obama thinks he has the black community wrapped around his little finger some very prominent black American patriots are notifying their brothers and sisters that he is the problem not the solution.

Starr Parker, a great African American Patriot doesn’t mince words. Star has created the Black Pastor network and hundreds of pastors are joining her to “Take Back Our Country.” She says, Help me build the Black Pastor Network and protect American exceptionalism! We can all help Starr by posting her website, blogs and speeches to Conservative sites all over the Nation.
Starr Parker says, “Government is the problem”

The National Black Republican Association (NBPA) remain true to their Country, their Constitution believing that all men are created equal – they are not afraid to march forward in a united effort to take back our Country. Let’s join our brothers and sisters in their effort. http://www.nbra.info/

There’s many more African American Patriots out there – let’s reach them via email, offer our support and unite as one group of people working for common solutions. Put Allen West, Starr Parker and the NBPA’s blogs all over the Internet, send them to our friends. Contact our Congressmen and in plain English tell them we’re joining forces with our black brothers and sisters and we’re giving them a 90 day notice to either straighten up or start looking for a new job.

In closing, a small group of people can change the World – remember the Nazarene 2000 years ago.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always
Little Tboca