Obama - The Stranger In Our House

It’s about as bad as it can get – one of Obama’s big bundler pretty much tells Obama where to stick it. R. Donahue Peebles stood up for Mitt Romney when the press tried to crucify Mitt for a boating trip. Mr. Peebles said, “I took 12 people out on a boat trip to Rhode Island.” Mr. Peebles said, “I don’t feel I’m out of touch with Americans or an evil person. Neither was Mitt Romney – Mitt paid for his week-end outing, he didn’t scam the taxpayers like Obama does 24/7.

Mr. Peebles also gave the Republicans a nod, saying it was the perfect storm for Republicans after 3 ½ years of Obama the White House reeks with partisanship and a struggling economy.

Today Mr. Peebles gave Obama yet another direct message and it wasn’t followed up with roses and a dinner date. He said, “He’s tired of hearing the rich don’t pay their fair share.”

Another note of interest, Arizona’s Joe Arpaio gave all Americans a wakeup call this morning. His cold posse has handed off the baton to us and we should go forward with their information on the “probable cause” about the forgery of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

It shows beyond a doubt that “we the people” should insist on Obama’s vetting before the 2012 Presidential Campaign goes any further.

Obama’s opened the door for us via his constant badgering, accusations and defamation of Mitt Romney – now it’s time for us to make our move. We do have a right to know about his past, his citizenship, his community service jobs, his whereabouts since 1961. In all likelihood, Obama is an imposter in our midst who has devoted 3 ½ years attempting to destroy the greatest Country in the World. Here’s why I made such an emphatic statement.

From the day he’s was inaugurated he has shown his disdain for America and his hatred for those who have achieved the American Dream. He rapidly redistributed taxpayer’s money giving it to the corrupt lenders, his bundlers, the Unions, Special Interest groups. With the able assistance of EPA Obama stopped our economic growth and recovery by hamstringing businesses big and small.

He lied to all Americans about jobs, a balanced budget, transparency, help for homeowners and cutting out redundant unnecessary Government programs. He backed the Muslim Brotherhood and moved his Communist and Marxist friends (Czars) into our Government. He reduced our nuclear weapons, weakened our Military and refused to secure our borders – just recently he gave illegal aliens a free pass.

Now in a moment of weakness without his trusty teleprompter he let it all hang out crucifying businesses for being successful and exposing his radical ideology. Obamacare is a ticking bomb that will explode in 2013 into the most expensive highly taxed defunct bill in our history.

Obama hates American, hates success, hates the American Dream, hates the Constitution, hates secured borders, hates a strong healthy Military and hates anyone or ones who question or opposes his actions. D’Souza recently spoke to Megyn Kelly on America Live. He told her, “Obama is the most unknown guy ever to walk into the White House.”

The Black Caucus, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and the civil rights propagandists keep telling the African American community to vote for Obama. Hope they don’t pay any attention when he’s preaching to the choir about being your brother’s keeper.

Obama’s half- brother George is huddled up in a hut in a Kenyan slum, makes about $2.00 a day and Obama just turns his head and pretends that George doesn’t exist. How’s that for cruel and heartless – maybe the African American community should rethink their strategy. Possibly they need to get past the color of skin and vet Barack Obama.
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca