Obama & DEMS Caught in Their Own Spider Web

The Democrats have gotten tangled up in their own Voter ID spider web this time and I think we should help them out on this on… They’re the ones that dealt the deck of cards concerning Voter ID – they etched the rules in concrete and we just caught them cheating again. It’s a do as I say rule, not a do as I do rule! Democrats requiring ID in Massachusetts and Michigan – something definitely wrong with this picture.

Over 24 States have cracked down on the Voter ID problem implementing stricter laws that will prevent dead people, illegal aliens and convicted felons from voting and put a damper on ACORN’s deliberate misuse of voting privileges such as the dirty registration rolls.

Eric Holder, the crook behind the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation of course has his fingers all fifteen of them in the Voter ID pie. In fact ACORN under the alias of NEU4J in the New England States has joined Holder and already starting to sue some states for a trumped up charge of “failure to offer registration assistance” or opportunities to the poor. ACORN didn’t close down shop they just dug up some new umbrellas for their corrupt organization that they can hide under.

Holder (AG) is now chasing after the Black Churches telling them their right to vote is threatened Nationwide – no accounting for Eric Holder’s opinion. He’s the one who refused to investigate and prosecute the Black Panthers when they were intimidating and threatening America Citizens at the polls, so it’s fair to say he’s out buying votes for Obama.

This is the same man who said in September 2011, “The Obama administration is doing everything it can to shut down the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before the 2012 presidential elections. By MJ LEE | 9/20/11 9:46 AM EDT Updated: 9/20/11 11:53 AM EDT Holder (AG) creates the distractions using Voter ID and Illegal Aliens (a crime not a race), Gitmo against those who believe in our Constitution allowing Obama to continue his rampage against the USA.

Eric Holder (AG) under Obama’s direction sued Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona) and Arizona for the SB1070 a law that was formed to curtail the influx of the drug cartel and illegal aliens that have taken over the Southwest portion of Arizona. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is slamming the Obama administration over government signs posted in the Arizona desert warning visitors to beware of illegal smugglers, saying the signs are hardly the kind of border security plan her state needs.

Eric Holder and his motley crew have sued Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arizona’s and are trying to shut down the Cold Posse as they continue their investigation into Obama’s citizenship.

Obama’s appointee controlled HLRB sued Boeing for building a new production line for the new Dreamliner plane in South Carolina instead of going to the Union controlled Washington State. Holder sued Gibson Guitar saying the company was non-compliant and using illegal wood. Gibson had been in compliance with the FSC a self-regulatory agency for years so what is the DOJ’s motive behind the lawsuit against Gibson?

So back to the Voter ID laws – Pelosi, Axelrod, Jarrett, Schultz, Biden, Holder and a slew of other Socialists have been crying wolf over the Voter ID laws saying these State laws are threatening the African Americans and poor sector taking away their right to vote. Now here is where the kettle not only called the pot black, the kettle initiated their own rules for their upcoming conventions and meetings.

What hypocrisy, the Democratic Convention in Massachusetts requires a photo ID and the Unions inserted their two-cents saying attendees can’t vote without a photo and how strange it is that Democratic caucus voters are required to show ID before they can vote in Michigan.

The only thing bothering Democrats on the Voter ID requirements is this; it would stop them from stuffing the ballot boxes. The very people the Obama Administration pretends to worry about are the ones collecting food stamps, Medicaid and Government assistance and almost 50% of this sector have been adept enough and smart enough to provide their ID for the Government freebies meaning they could vote if they were so inclined.

So when it comes to Voter ID the DEMS basically are talking out of both sides of their mouth again and this is just one more perfect example of the class warfare tactics that they’re using to buy Obama votes. The Democrats have spent years herding the poor, making them more dependent on big Government and it shows what Obama and his Democratic base think of African Americans and the poor sector. They think these people are incapable, incompetent and unable to function without Government intervention and direction.

Obama and Democrats are following Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals. The 787 billion dollar stimulus bill was merely a cobbled up band aid to give the illusion that Obama was bailing out our economy and we were recovering from the recession while he was in all actuality putting all key players in place for the most radical changes in our Nation’s history.

Using the Cloward – Piven strategy which if you read it will describe his agenda and long term strategy – Obama has created one crisis after another attacking our freedoms and our rights while he deliberately redistributed our money bringing our Nation to its knees financially.

He has intentionally increased welfare dependency with the intent of making all of us wards of the State so to speak. His goals are to weaken us financially by stopping job growth, increasing the National Deficit and at the same time continue his Socialistic agenda behind closed doors.

We’ve hit a stage now where we will see an increase in job loss, higher unemployment, more inflation, increase in the poor population creating more dependency on Big Government and we’re starting to see a significant division in classes due to the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Americans have had the cheap seats the past 3 ½ years in the most evil game of politics in our history – the Republicans and Democrats have put on a pretty good “dog and pony” show but they’re all on the same team. They have defied our requests for a balanced budget, transparency, down- sizing the Government, elimination of the many sacred cows, securing our borders, maintaining a strong military and adhering to our Constitution.

The fight for our Nation comes down to just two teams, the American team (citizens of America) or the Democratic/Republican team (the political scam artists) and it’s time to get out of the cheap seats and take back our Country. We can win this game merely by utilizing the roadmap (Constitution) that our forefather prepared for us.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca