Obama, Republicans & Democrats Our Enemies at Large

It’s been a whirlwind week and it takes people with the uncanny ability to sift through the mud and the muck to know what is going on behind closed doors. The Liberal News Media gives us their daily rendition of lies laced with sarcasm, anger and “gotchas” spiced up with gigantic portions of class warfare and racism.

The Democrats are perched between a rock and a hard place trying to maintain some semblance of composure and at the same time follow a frizzled, frazzled leader who has managed to divide their party and terrorize the Nation.

They literally aren’t sure whether they’re coming or going and each one of them worry about job security and trying to conjure up a feasible story that people in their home States will believe… Obama has destroyed or maimed everything he’s touched like the economy, job growth, foreign affairs, a balanced budget, transparency and Obamacare leaving nothing good on their plates for discussion. The Democrat Party of long ago has turned into a political den of corruption.

The Old Republican Establishment pops their heads out of holes just often enough to give some the illusion that they’re actually honoring their oath of office and working for “the people.” These Republicans are the ones who carry a white flag in one hand and a bundle of our money in the other. They have no intention of working for a living nor do they want to engage in actual combat against our enemies. They’re the good ole guys who kick back and enjoy hanging out in the White House, playing golf, taking extended vacations and collecting a pay check.

This week is pretty much a replay of last week and the week before – same ole crap that we’re forced to listen to day in and day out. Republicans and Democrats staunchly defend their sacred cows and defend their position on spending cuts which in turn means our National Deficit keeps growing and we’re rapidly heading for another credit rating down grade.

Arizona’s Secretary of State pulled a Boehner and crumpled under the pressure – miraculously he had a vision or was it an Obama and Holder nudge that made him decide Obama is good to go the November ballot in Arizona. Either way, Bennett just mooned all Arizonians and got himself a get out of jail free card.

Sheriff Joe sent his Cold Case Posse to Hawaii only to find out that Hawaii’s Department of Health actually refused to cooperate with Ken Bennett (Az Sec of State). They did draft some non-descript gobbilty goop to Ken Bennett (AZ Sec. of State) about Obama’s birth certificate to get Bennett off their back. Sheriff Joe says those darn Hawaiians are hiding something and it isn’t Easter eggs.

Elena Kagan sneaked under the weak Republican radar and plopped herself in our Supreme Court – she’s definitely a person of interest. Now Americans realize they’ve just added another rat in their icebox.

Eleana grabbed the $20 million from Shariah Law proponents and immediately hooked up with the slinky professor, Derrick Bell sharing with Bell her lifetime dream of a more liberal court system, which she feels can be accomplished through “skillful Lawyering” and the creation of a “Common crisis.” Kagan and Rohm Emanuel must be kissin’ cousins! Kagan has worn out her welcome and must go!

Darrell Issa needs the votes to push contempt charges on Holder forward but Republicans just sort of bailed when the going got a little rough and it’s obvious that John Boehner and Eric Cantor are responsible because it’s a Presidential year and neither one of them want to ruffle any feathers. So I guess if you spell your name Eric Holder, you can slither away squeaky clean even though America lost 2 very brave agents and hundreds of Mexicans killed due to Holder’s Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.

The tone of our Nation is a scrambled up mess of spoiled do-overs that continues targeting women, Hispanics, the poor and American Patriots. Nothing accomplished but divisive plots creating dissention to divide and destroy our Country. The sad thing is Obama, Democrats and Republicans are all in cahoots in their desperate attempt to place Americans under the control of “big Government.”

In the past three and a half years our Nation has suffered one hit after another. Our National Defense has been attacked, borders have been left unsecured and the National Deficit has increased so much that we’re just barely covering interest payments. The Muslim Brotherhood has been backed by the Obama Administration, our nuclear capacity reduced, unemployment is sky rocketing, homes being repossessed and more Americans forced to take handouts from “Uncle Sam.”

Our Nation is suffering from a political plague created by Obama, Democrats and Republicans who are deliberately attempting to destroy the greatest Nation in the World. Our Government reeks of corruption, treasonous acts and “we the people” are the ones suffering.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca