Obama’s Dirty Fly By in Afghanistan

Obama needs to be confined, shackled or whatever it takes until we get our charge card back that he keeps abusing and misusing. We are the people, it should be our decision what the Afghans will receive, when they will receive it and how much we’re willing to spend on their terrorist ways.

How many Republicans, Democrats and Americans knew that Obama was going to spend millions of our money today to sash shay into Afghanistan for a behind the doors chat with a “terrorist?” How many of us know what is actually going on today in his secret meeting with Karzai? Not one can raise their hand except Valarie Jarrett, Soros, Axelrod and the Czars.

We’ve been slam dunked once again by the biggest shyster in our Government and we’re sitting here blinking and shaking our heads as he continues his sneaky “redistribution” of taxpayer’s money. We best be concerned because he’s spending money we don’t have and the Old Republican Establishment better have some real good answers upon Obama’s return from Afghanistan.

I’ll bet John Boehner will say something like this – we don’t know why Obama went to Afghanistan, we don’t know what he signed or what he promised Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. Tonight Obama and his trusty teleprompter will give us a televised address to the nation from Bagram Airfield at 7:30 p.m. – we still won’t know what “sneaky Pete” did!!!!

Obama is calling this fly by trip on our dime a “historic moment” for two Nations – I call it a “screw” American fly by and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is one more concentrated movement by Obama to back the Muslim Brotherhood just like he’s done in Egypt, Libya and other Middle East Countries.

Several media reports suggest that taxpayers handed 1.6 billion dollars to Karzai and this has nothing to do with the cost of our Military – this is above and beyond all Military expenses. Most Americans agree that Karzai and his regime had a pretty darned good idea where Osama bin Laden had been hanging out for years and many believe that Karzai has secretly shuffled our money into the hands of the extremists.

Now, Obama just finished icing Karzai’s cake using our charge card to pad Karzai’s den of thieves for years to come. Here’s a brief rundown of Obama’s redistribution scheme. In 2010, 4.6 billion was handed over to Karzai and Obama has requested 3.4 billion dollars for fiscal 2012 and Obama (the community organizer) will be handing more money via various Government grants to aid and abet the Muslim Brotherhood.

As repeated earlier, someone needs to get a handle on Obama between now and November 2012 because he’s shoving us all over the cliff. The Republicans and Democrats are too complacent in their cozy little play house (White House) and they aren’t watching out for America or Americans – we need to take action here friends and put a stop to the Obama’s spending addiction.

Call Congress and the Obama Administration put them a 30 day plan to either balance our budget, quit the bloody spending with money we don’t have or opt for the unemployment line in November 2012.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca