Obama & Humpty Dumpty

The “food stamp” President is losing his “cool” and the little bit of composure he has left; he’s beginning to look like “Humpty Dumpty” because the Liberal News Media and Democrats can’t put him back together again. 4 ½ years of lies have come back to haunt him and his Administration.

Obama’s and his Administration are shriveling up one little piece at a time. David Axelrod expressed his fear and concern about Obama’s campaign the other day during his interview with Chris Wallace. David has tried every tactic under the sun and Obama ends up blowing it – David Axelrod isn’t a happy camper and don’t be surprised if he splits before the Presidential campaign is over.

Jim Messina lets everyone know that Obama isn’t getting the campaign donations as was predicted last fall and Jim realizes the one thing Obama didn’t figure in his 2012 campaign equation was the American people. Obama promised his puppeteers and Administration that he could wine and dine and smooze the dumb Americans again just like he did in 2008, but the 2012 sequel of the 2008 Presidential run is beginning to look like an X-rated movie.

Democrats realize they can’t keep putting patches on the Obamacare bill, so many of them are splitting and running faster than scat from Obama. They obeyed Pelosi, passed the bill and now they’ve read it and therein lays the problem.

There are hidden taxes, an illegal mandate and many Americans can’t keep their healthcare as promised, CBO says the total cost of the bill to taxpayers will be over 1.76 trillion dollars. Seniors are getting hit from all sides by Obamacare; they’re losing quality of care, premiums are sky rocketing and Obama chiseled a big hunk out of Medicaid to cover the cost of the ungodly bill.

Much to their chagrin Democrats are being walloped from all sides due to the “redistribution” of our stimulus package. The DOE with Chu in charge has been a disgrace and the green company scandals make headlines daily. GSA and the Secret Service are the most recent problems in Obama’s Administration along with Obama’s daily attacks against them in his Union speeches.

When Obama stopped drilling on the coast, nixed the keystone Pipeline and sicced EPA on all businesses the DEMS tried to cover his tracks, but it proved to be a futile effort. Now they’re back peddling but they’re a day late and a dollar short – unemployment is creeping up, gas prices and the sudden increase of consumer goods signals that our economy has down shifted.

The Democrats are between a rock and a hard place – if they continue trying to patch up Obama’s political blunders and economic flubs they’ll be looking for a new home in 2012. It’s too late in the game to put Hillary into the mix, so they’re stuck with Obama.

When Bill Clinton flip flops we know things are pretty darn bad in the White House. In 2008 Bill dismissed Obama in 2008 as undeserving of the Presidency and now Bill’s ready to sell his soul once again in hopes that his wife Hillary may make a run for President in 2016. One thing we know for sure is this – Bill isn’t stupid and Obama is paying dearly for good ole Bill’s services. Wonder how much one has to pay President Clinton to lie and say, Barack Obama deserves to be elected President of the United States?

The 2012 campaign that Obama is running lacks professionalism, legitimacy, class and a true agenda – Obama is running on empty. His demeanor is changing daily; he’s angry, aggressive and demonizing anyone and everyone for his many failures the past 3 ½ years. Obama isn’t a has been – Obama never was!!!!!!!

Obama is desperate, dangerous and a disgrace to our Country – he is a pathological liar lacking guilt or remorse for his actions threatens abuses others verbally and considers himself a super human being. He is totally dependent on his puppeteers financially and psychologically unable to function independently without their guidance. Yep, Obama is a “Sociopath” with a radical ideology intent on destroying our Nation.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca