Ed Markey – Obama’s Hatchet Man

Ed Markey told Rick Perry that environmental regulations create new jobs – need I say more? Ed and his Marxist philosophy is one more enemy who has infiltrated our Government.

Ed Markey isn’t just a pathetic radical; he’s verging on senility and or stupidity or both. Here’s one of his latest blurbs in his class warfare campaign against Republicans. In case some don’t recognize this person, he Markey co-authored “cap and trade” legislation, which, along with Obama Care and Dodd-Frank, have become part of the GOP’s anti-Democrat mantra.

So friend of the Nation, he is not – enemy yes and he will be in the Presidential Race hot and heavy saying more off the wall predictions scaring seniors, attacking our youth and always one step away from reality. He’s probably one up on Obama because he rants and raves without a teleprompter and packages a message so full of doom and gloom that one would think Chicken Little was right, “the sky is falling.”

Ed Markey opposes the Keystone Pipeline which would have given thousands of Americans jobs and would help us control sky rocketing oil prices but he’s created a conspiracy theory about the pipeline that even stopped some Republicans and many Americans.

When Republicans suggested cutting funding to NPR which would have been an excellent idea along with Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and a slew of other programs that should be defunded too… These programs can either fly on their own or close up shop. Remember the Democrats only want to spend, never cut and therein remains one of our biggest problems.

Here’s some of the off the wall comments Markey made when Republicans presented this budget proposal to cut funding to NPR. Ed said, the cut would slash federal support for public safety, health care and research, public broadcasting, food safety and inspection, and other critical functions of government upon which the public depends.”

Ed never misses a beat, but neither does he ever make any logical sense.
When one listens to him he appears to have landed on this planet from outer space because whatever language he’s speaking darn sure sounds like pure unadulterated class warfare. Markey is the odd ball who accused Republicans for wanting to shut down the Internet – as I said he’ll say anything just to get a little attention.

He’s the biggest snake salesman of green and gives the EPA a big hand every time he speaks – he wants to control all energy and power consequently giving big “Daddy Government” another hand in our pocket and one more way to take control of our freedoms and rights.

If ever there was a weasel in our midst or rat in our icebox – it would be Ed Markey. To go one step further, Markey has always been critical of our nuclear industry so finally he had a chance to stab us in the back by sneaking Jaczko a political operative who worked for Markey into the position of chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission even though Democrats and Republican commissioners objected. One more devious move by Obama and Markey to control nuclear weapons and weaken our Nation.

Ed Markey bears watching because he carries a lot of clout in the Democratic circle. He will spend the remainder of the year heavily immersed in class warfare attempting to scare senior citizens, our youth, women and the poor. Like Axelrod, Markey is one of Obama’s attack dogs who will say and do anything to buy votes for Obama.

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca