White House – Home of the Scam Artists

Are they two faced, or could they be worrying about job security? Republicans and Democrats have joined hands to expose the GSA pretending to worry about taxpayer’s money.

Now, the GSA team will be tarred and feathered for their abuse of taxpayer’s money and that a good thing, but this opens up a whole new can of worms for the Republicans and Democrats. The GSA will be the sacrificial lambs that Republicans and Democrats are offering to the people – it’s probably their one and only good deed for 2012 in fact for the past 3 ½ years.

Where were they when our stimulus money was handed out to Fannie, Freddie, AIG and GM? Why did they allow Obama and George Soros to collaborate on the distribution of our stimulus money? Soros and Obama thru a few under the table smooth moves managed to pad Soros Empire via Government contracts.

Now that they’ve come out of hiding, what will they do with Leon Panetta’s brazen misuse of American’s tax dollars? Leon added 860,000 to taxpayer’s charge card almost matching GSA in total amount of government waste and theft. Leon’s excuse was feeble and almost laughable if we could afford his extravagant tastes – it was spent to give him some downtime and recharge his battery. Will Panetta be sent to his room
indefinitely or will he just have to stand in the corner until it’s time to hop one of our jets and head home? I don’t care how he travels from now on – bus is fine with me, just stay out of our money Panetta.

It’s quite evident that Republicans and Democrats will pick and choose who they wish to put on public display as the culprits in Government Waste – Obama and his Administration are off limits. The fact that Obama stole from taxpayers and committed treasonous acts against our Nation will be relegated to the ancient history shelves never to surface again.

Americans should demand transparency and not another dollar of our money spent unless we are the decision makers. There should be an online website since Obama likes the Social media so well called Obama’s Accountability. Americans have the right to know how much of our money Obama is using for his Presidential Campaign – I don’t care how much Reagan, Clinton or Bush used in previous years; this is 2012 and we’re broke.

Does it really make any sense that we’re footing the bills for an extreme radical who has harmed our Country financially, economically, socially and emotionally? We need transparency and we need it now – this is our Country, not Obama’s and it’s time for us to take our Government back. Enough is enough!

Eric Holder is Obama’s boy and neither Democrats nor Republicans removed him from office when he orchestrated one of the worst crimes and scandals in the history of our Country. The question never was if he’s guilty or not – the Government knows beyond a doubt that he was the engineer behind the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation.

He started this operation in April 2009 and three years later he’s still the chief law enforcement officer of our United States. Check the DOJ website for hard facts!

He’s not even on a short leash anymore – Obama uses him as his pet watch dog to attack the States on voter ID laws, sue States who are being devoured by the drug cartels and illegal aliens and his biggest assignment from Obama is keeping a lid on Obama’s eligibility issues. The House of Representatives should have impeached Holder and Harry Reid’s Senate should have been forced to try Holder for treason, and other high crimes.

It’s time to put the House of Representatives and the Senate on notice that they have exactly 6 ½ months to get our house in order or they’re going to be removed one stinking politician at a time. We want accountability, transparency and Government Waste stopped.

Here’s but one example of waste – easy come, easy go what about that single bush in San Fransisco that cost 205, 075 for removal and we call these politicians responsible? They aren’t safe to send to the store for a loaf of bread!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca