Obama’s War on Women Takes Another Nose Dive

Scott Randolph – the epitome of Radicalism acts like a spoiled school boy who has violent tantrums and throws things if he doesn’t get his way. Scott is notorious for attacking his opposition with child like threats followed by intimidation and false accusations.

The Randolphs, Scott and his wife Susannah spend their spare time backing Soros funded groups like Florida Watch (a far left group) that does nothing for our Country but distract and divide. Liberty Watch seems to have tight connections to SOSP (Secretary of State Project) funded by George Soros. Liberty Watch isn’t your house wives’ little friendly neighborhood “Bunko” group – they’re out to control State votes and that’s a “No No” in a Demcratic Nation.

Randolph like Obama climbs on his soap box attacking a stay at home mom, Ann Romney. Like Hillary Rosen, Scott Randolph exposes Obama’s war on women and he’s probably next in line to get sent to his room or alienated from Obama’s House of Radicals. Scott is a tweeter with an ego problem hating anyone who disagrees with him; he’s another “weiner” problem for the Democrats because he preys on women on “Twitter.”

Here’s his latest tweet against Ann Romney, a stay at home mom. “How many house servants did “stay-at-home-mom” Ann Romney have to raise her kids. Just b/c u don’t have job doesn’t make u stay-at-home mom?” It’s really none of your business Randolph what mothers choose to stay at home do 24/7. Scott exemplifies the Democrats hatred of women regardless of race or class.

He turned on a fellow Democrat Democratic Rep. Daphnee Campbell an African American freshmen in the Florida House of Representative. Daphne, a nurse believes in ultra sound prior to an abortion – Scott was violent in his reaction to Daphne’s here is what he said to her.

“Randolph, who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Equality Florida, told Campbell “You are a traitor…I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.” Now that’s a threat with vicious intent!

Randolph is one of those squirrly human beings with low self esteem that needs to get a day time job and find out what balancing a budget means. He needs a refresher course on the Constitution and needs to learn what being a good steward of taxpayer’s money entails. He’s but one more extreme radical hell bent on destroying America; he needs to go and tomorrow isn’t soon enough to remove this person from Florida’s House of Representatives.

Obama isn’t a happy camper for Scott Randolph and Hillary Rosen have exposed his “War on Women” and women are starting to look at Obama as the problem not the solution to our Nations economic and social problems.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca