Obama’s – Political Rhetoric About “Fair Share”

It’s not about fair share – it’s about a deadly breed of Socialists who want to destroy America. Obama and hoodlums have accelerated their agenda to take over our Nation – they’re cool, calculating and dangerous.

For the past year and a half we’ve been doused with a conglomeration of Obamanomics; Obama sort of resembles a bull in a china shop. He’s broken just about everything that this great Nation stands for and it’s obvious that he’s accelerated his agenda in a last ditch effort to bring us to our knees.

With the able assistance of the Liberal News Media he slid under the radar and escaped without being vetted – the truth is whether this person is ever vetted or not Americans realize this man isn’t one of us. His friends are some of the most devious, corrupt people on our planet and should make America’s most wanted list before too many years go by…

In 2009 Obama came loaded for bear and his weapons of mass destruction included a war chest with an unlimited amount of money and a bunch of “junk yard” dogs. Michelle Obama was just a lowly maid of color whose job was to mother his kids and dangle on his arm for the real trophy was Valarie Jarrett, the queen bee who not only controls the Obamas, but our Nation.

All of his Administration including the Czars, Soros, the Unions and special interest groups are Marxists, Communists and/or extreme radicals; they came ahead of him years ago paving the way for his Presidency in 2008.

The liberal news media is one of Obama’s biggest and most powerful players. They receive their marching orders from Soros who forces them to propagandize and silence all dissent.

To do this the Liberal News Media created a Liberal vocabulary used specifically for distracting and dividing Americans. Words like “race baiting,” the bait and switch techniques, racism, fair share and rich and wealthy. Soros knows that if something is repeated often enough eventually people will believe it.

The Liberal News Media has a spin for everything – here are a few examples. They refer to preventative care as contraceptives and abortion and try to turn contraceptives and abortion into Constitutional rights. They refer to abortions as a disease – that’s merely their way of condoning murder of infants.

So take a minute to analyze Obama’s latest campaign speeches, let’s discuss “Fair Share” the one phrase that he uses constantly to stir the “class warfare” pot. The only ones buying his garbage are the zombies who are sitting on their duff doing nothing but living off taxpayers – there’s nothing fair about handing out entitlements to the lazy leeches who want something for nothing.

What about our fair share – Obama’s Administration should pay taxpayers back every dime they’ve stolen since 2009. Their bank accounts should be attached; their homes should have leans placed on them and all charge cards returned to the people. They owe us for the “green company” scandals, the misuse of our stimulus money, the GSA fiasco, the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation and most of all they should be placed behind bars for their acts of treason against Americans and our beautiful Nation.

Obama don’t get on your stump and preach “fair share” to us – we owe you nothing. You are a “Traitor.” You’ve betrayed our trust and committed treason against the greatest Country in the World.

We will take back our Country Obama and we will remove you from the highest office in our Nation for you are nothing more than a Socialist predator that has attacked innocent American men, women and children.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca