Obama’s Hopeless Message

Obama is desperate, angry and fighting for another four years in office – because the job he was hired to do by the puppeteers hasn’t been completed. Obama is manipulating and preying on women, African Americans, Hispanics and our youth.

Hope was chucked out the door the minute after he was inaugurated, for his mission was all about change. He confiscated 787 billion dollars from taxpayers for his “redistribution” agenda. The poor became poorer – women, youth and African Americans have taken the biggest hit.

Poverty and unemployment among women at an all-time high, unemployment in the African American Community shot up to 16.7% – youth unemployment is the highest in 60 years. Not a pretty sight, so why is Obama lying to these Americans – why is he treating them like sheep?

Until this group of people realizes there is a “message behind the message” they will remain at the mercy of this dictator. It’s really quite evident what Obama is doing at this time, he’s actually herding the sheep again the same as he did in 2008 due to their dependency on the Government. His attack against women, African Americans, Hispanics and youth was all pre-planned and pre-programmed in 2009 and disguised as “hope and change. “

Obama did several things starting in 2009 that would create more dependency on him and his Administration giving him time and power to achieve the “New World Order” he keeps talking about…

First, it’s important to realize the only value that he sees in our youth, African Americans, Hispanics and women is merely ownership – he wants to own and control their every move.

He must render them totally helpless in order to gain total control over their lives. He will hand out just enough money for them to survive – in other words he wants them dependent on a hand out, never a hand up.

Second, his first three years was used to weaken our Nation’s foundation. He took total control of the business segment via EPA and Obamacare and actually prevented job growth. Businesses are in a robotic state unable to function independently from the long arms of our Government; they fear higher taxes, more debt and more regulations.
Third, it was never Obama’s intention to actually balance our budget, stimulate job growth, reduce our National Deficit, smaller Government or transparency – he promised all of this in 2008 to buy votes and win the Presidency.

There is only one message behind the political garbage Obama is using in his campaign speeches and that is to destroy our Nation, weaken our Military, reduce our nuclear strength, increase our dependency on big Government, China and other Countries and render us helpless.

To women, African Americans, Hispanics and our youth – look around, you’re not better off than you were in 2009 and if you don’t start fighting for yourselves, your children and generations to come you’ll be reduced to a bunch of sheep wondering around aimlessly.

To those who’ve sat generation after generation with your hand out demanding that hard working Americans take care of you – here’s a wake-up call. We’re broke – there’s no more money in our bank. In three years you’ve grown poorer because it costs more to buy your beer, chips, food and gas. Four more years with Obama and you’ll literally be on the streets begging for crumbs. So it’s your call – either get off your fannies and fight for your Country or suffer the consequences.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca