Obama – The “Apologetic” President

Obama will go down in history as the President of “Blame, Redistribution and Class Warfare” and it will be noted that this extreme radical blatantly blamed Americans and America for his ineptness and inability to perform his duties as Command in Chief.
For 3 ½ years Obama has fueled the fire of racism, class warfare and terrorism, which is evidenced by his many apologies.

Today Obama speaks briefly about the fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” This truly was a tragedy, yet one must remember that Ralm Emanuel said, “Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste” and Florida just happens to be one of the big five swing states.

Where were the apologies to Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata families when they were murdered by our weapons that walked across the border? Why no apology to Calderon on the 300 murders of Mexican men, women and children by guns walking across our border into Mexico?

Obama’s apology to the Afghans for the Korans burning not only shows his weakness as Commander in Chief, it exemplifies his attachment to the terrorists. Why didn’t he publicly apologize and offer his condolences for the six American soldiers, including two high-ranking officers in the interior ministry, believed to be shot by Afghan security forces during this time?

Obama’s message to Karzai should have addresses the beheading of infidels, the banning bibles and the murders of innocent people. Obama’s hatred for America and Americans is self-evident – he apologizes to the Muslims, the Middle East Countries, Europe inferring that America must seek redemption for protecting our homeland and showing compassion for those suffering atrocities from terrorists and dictators.

When he spoke to the French about Guantanamo, he apologized for us saying we sacrificed our values. He told the Americas, “The United States Has Not Pursued and Sustained Engagement with their Neighbor” and that we sought to dictate our own terms. Obama told France and Italy that America has shown arrogance and failed to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the World.

He told the Muslims that “we had not been perfect” but we can restore our relationship with the Muslim World.

Obama has methodically assisted the Muslim Brotherhood in their take overs of Middle East Countries and the Obama Administration is sending 1.3 billion dollars to Egypt which is under the Muslim Brotherhood control.

The Fort Hood massacre is a reminder that Obama isn’t engaged with America and shows his inability to lead. The Fort Hood massacre was relegated to workplace violence, not terrorism and this should be a message to all that Obama is in bed with the Muslim terrorists.

We have a sociopath and dictator in our White House; it’s time to stop hiding under the politically correct shroud and call a “Spade a Spade.” He has followed his “Change” agenda of 2008 kicking all “Hope” to the curb.

Every move Obama has made in 3 ½ years shows deliberate actions to bring our Nation to its knees starting with the stimulus bill, the Dodd – Frank bill, the uncontrolled EPA, Obamacare, the green company scandals along with a weak foreign policy that is making our Nation the laughing stock of the World.

He signed two executives orders, while we were sleeping one on the 15th and the other one on the 16th of March and we’re told this is business as usual – nothing to worry about we’re just under peacetime Martial Law.

The ones who deserve an apology are our children, grandchildren and future generations for we have been extremely poor stewards of the most beautiful Country in the World.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca