Republicans & DEMS - The Gutless Wonders

Our Government is overrun with those “gutless wonders”who have lost their job description and living off the fat of the land (taxpayer’s money.) They’re playing footsy with Obama’s Cabinet and Czars who are nothing more than the scum of the underground.

We’re immersed daily with the “gotchas” or “he said she said” political rhetoric and lately it’s beginning to look a lot like the Liberal News Media is pretty much running the whole shebang.

Starting back in 2009, when Obama started doling out our stimulus money, the DEMS and Republicans were definitely on the AWOL list. Not one of them had time to monitor the recipients of our money or act like responsible stewards of 787 billion dollars.

Their lack of engagement has created a National Deficit of 15 trillion dollars that few of us can even fathom. To pacify us the Republicans and Democrats pretend to be working doling out tidbits of information, which is always after the fact.

They told us that two of our border agents and 100’s of Mexicans were murdered with our weapons that walked across the Mexican border into the hands of the drug cartel. They try to sell us a bill of goods that no one knows about the gun operation and no one is actually responsible for these murders.

FYI – the man responsible is still holding the coveted office of Attorney General of the USA – Obama funded the operation and Holder orchestrated the operation along with Janet Napolitano. The Democrats and Republicans shrug their shoulders saying, “too bad.”

Then we heard about Obama and his “Green Scam” and the millions of dollars that have gone missing to pay off some of Obama’s buds and that American’s jobs were sent to Finland and China. The “gutless wonders” can’t even keep jobs here on our turf.

Along comes the debt ceiling increase and we had to endure the stupid political bickering back and forth. We were given a promise that the awesome competent “Dream Team” (Democrats and Republicans) would make sure that it would be paid without increasing our debt burden.

That didn’t happen – the “Dream Team” was nothing more than a three ring circus with a bunch of “gutless wonders” sitting in a huddle playing Texas Hold’em…

We’ve had a day by day play of Obama redistributing our money, giving illegal aliens a free ride, playing savior to the Gays and Lesbians, placing us in war with Libya without Congressional consent and watching as he aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood helping them take over many Middle East Countries.

On the 15th and 16th of March, behind closed doors Obama signed two Executive Orders that will be used against us if Obama keeps struggling in his 2012 Presidential Campaign. Republicans and Democrats (the gutless wonders) are sweeping this information under the rug hoping we didn’t notice.

Our Government is no longer our Government – it has been taken over by Obama’s Marxists, Communists and extreme Radical buds while the “gutless wonders” sit in their cushy offices enjoying the good life, courtesy of all tax paying Americans.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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