Obama – Take Your New World Order and Shove It

It’s hard to take on one more problems in our United States and yet there remains one of the most dangerous factions on our turf. We hear the words New World Order (NWO) and cringe, there’s no doubt the NWO order is alive and flourishing on our turf.

We’re aware that there are those trying to control information thus being able to manipulate the way we think. Mind control is the ultimate goal of the NWO and as we suffer under the Obama Administration several things are evident.

The Obama Administration and his CZARS have in fact made unbelievable progress in their advancement of the New World Order. The Elitist system is not new it has existed for hundreds of years – this is the system where a small minority wants to control the majority. Our Government has been taken over by the Elites via secret organizations or what we call Special Interest groups.

Obama’s arrogant comments and statements about a New World Order should have been enough for us to vet him in 2008 and stop his Presidential run, but for a layperson it’s pretty difficult to grasp the actual meaning of a New World Order. In simple terms they wish to control our lives, our thoughts and our reactions. They don’t think of the masses as living human beings – they view us as objects.

Really we probably would prefer not knowing the truth, but by understanding the enemies we’re facing now, we can prepare to “Take Back Our Country.” It’s all a matter of conditioning and it is evident that over a period of many years what we call the “Norm” has changed. It’s a subtle change at first and although we disagree – eventually we accept the change.

Example of this would be taking prayer out of the schools or removing the 10 Commandments from courthouses or allowing the schools to mentor and raise our children. The conditioning has been taken over by our Liberal News Media; the Liberal News Media controls our lives knowing if they repeat the message often enough many people, especially the youth and poor will believe it.

Eventually as this conditioning continues people become totally dependent on the Government and that’s what we see with almost 50% of Americans at this time. That in itself makes taking our Country back an almost impossible mission, because these people have been brainwashed and conditioned for many, many generations. Entitlement is the keyword now in the Obama regime.

Instead of dividing Obama’s Administration into select groups of Communists, Marxists, Rothschild Zionist we can lump them all into New World Order activists and at this time they do control our Government. They are connected to the “Globalists” throughout the World and due to this they’re the most vicious corrupt group of people in our Nation or in the World.

To prove the point, let’s look back on just the Obama Administration and what they’ve accomplished in just 3 years. They’ve confiscated 787 billion dollars from us redistributing it to their powerful friends. They’ve forced a healthcare bill on us that is not only costly it will affect the quality of healthcare picking and choosing who will or will not receive certain services.

In preparation for Obama, they created a housing bubble with one purpose in mind. They realized this bubble would weaken our economy and our ability to exist without Government intervention. They told us we couldn’t have jobs so they nixed the Keystone Pipeline and drilling on the coast.

They encouraged EPA to place costly regulations on businesses which not only lost jobs it stopped our economic wheels from moving. Now they’re concentrating on class warfare and with the assistance of the Liberal News Media and billions being spent on negative ads they’re getting ready for Obama’s 2nd term.

Today the Democrats have websites saying Republicans are waging a war on women. ICE is now using taxpayer’s money to give free abortions and gender changes to illegal aliens. We are being controlled, our freedoms and rights removed almost daily – it’s time to remove Obama from office before November 6, 2012.

We need Rush Linbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage to assist us, because it won’t be easy. We need to contact our Representatives and insist that Obama is vetted – it’s time to ignore the Liberal News Media and make this happen.

Let’s make it our priority and job to help Sheriff Arpaio remove Obama from our White House – we really can’t wait until November 2012. Here’s a website that will give you the full report from Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio.

Arpaio: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud

Here’s Sheriff Arpaio’s contact info: http://mcso.org/ContactUs/ContactUs.aspx

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

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