Let’s Help Andrew Breitbart Finish the Job

Americans we must continue the work that Andrew Brietbart started, as he said in his speech to CPAC that he has videos from Obama’s college days that will show us why racial division and class warfare is central to the “Hope and Change” that was sold in 2008.

Here’s an article that confirms the importance of continuing Andrew’s work and vetting Obama in 2012. Put this in your browser; “Obama – To Vet or Not to Vet.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio is working on this as we speak and needs our help too!

Andrew said we were sleeping during the time that Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn decided that they would put a “radical” in the White House. The general consensus is this Barack Obama is a Radical and as Andrew said, “It is a self-evident truth.” Obama is in the White House telling us what we can or can’t do assisted by a bunch of totalitarian freeks.”

We’re living under a dictatorship telling Religious organizations that they must supply contraceptives, telling us we can’t have the Keystone Pipeline, telling us what kind of potty and light bulbs we must use and defining us as lazy, stupid and demanding we work harder.

Obama stopped drilling on the coast, slammed the green companies down our throat squandering billions of our hard earned money. Sent America’s jobs to the Finnish and plays footsy with Jeffrey Immelt CEO of General Electric – General Electric is no longer a respected company in America. They’re scam artists!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article, sort of a FYI kind of blog exposing Obama’s Cabinet and Czars. Like Andrew, I’ve studied these people and can tell you our White House is consumed by Communists, Marxists and Rothschild Zionists. Here’s a small portion of the article. All chasing a false ideology and dead set on attaining “A NEW WORLD ORDER.”

Americans will not find these answers in the yellow pages, or at Occidental or Columbia colleges. In order to win the fight in “Taking Our Country Back,” we must first know who the enemy is…

The first thing to check out is the people who are in charge of our Federal reserve (Ben Bernanke,) the person in charge of our Treasury (Timothy Geithner,) the Chief Financial Adviser (Larry Summers,) the Chief Political Adviser (David Axelrod,) the Office of Management and Budget (Peter Orszag,) the White House Chief of Staff (Jacob Lew,) Hillary Clinton, Valarie Jarrett and the majority of Obama’s Czars; the one common factor that connects all of them is their radical ideology.



We must continue Andrew’s brave march to “Take Back Our Country America.” How did the Liberal News Media know minutes after Andrew’s death that it was from natural causes – that is what they told the World? It was 6 days before the cause of Whitney Houston’s death could be determined.

Back to the Obama vetting, isn’t it strange that two of his gay friends in Reverend Wright’s gay club were murdered execution style after Obama announced his run for President in 2007. The Liberal News Media threw that information over the cliff never to be seen again. Could this be “Chicago Style” politics at work or is it merely a co-incidence that two close gay friends of Obama’s were murdered and neither case was ever solved?

I will continue Andrew’s fight exposing the Liberal’s corrupt biases and threats against our freedoms and rights. I feel somewhat like Ronald Reagan when he said, “I no longer fit in with these times. Great changes can come in four years. These socialistic notions of government are not of my day. When I was in office, tax reduction, debt reduction, tariff stability and economy were the things to which I gave attention. We succeeded on those lines….”

The extreme socialistic changes have occurred in three years and we must “Take Back Our Country America.”

We must remain vigilant and fight the greatest fight of our lifetime or we will be another Greece.

May God Bless America
As Always,