Recently I was visiting with a mother of three young adult children; she is a divorcee and one of her daughters is married now with a little daughter. The middle child is working on her Master’s degree and paying her own way. Mom helps out when she can with gas and food money.

The third one is a sophomore in college and she is helping him financially, but every day is a struggle All of her children have excelled in school and of course she is very proud of them, but what disturbed me was her comments about our America.

She said, “ I give America an “F” on the way they have mistreated their senior citizens, their Military and their youth. She works for a large healthcare group and sees many of the needless problems that seniors endure saying our senior citizens have been thrown to the wolves.”

She mentions how Obamacare is causing so many additional expenses for seniors and how the stimulus bill has devoured many of their retirement funds that they’ve worked for all of their lives. She says, “Senior citizens deserve our greatest respect for they are the ones who have contributed to our Country and kept America great – yet they are the ones being placed on the back burner.”

She says our Military is being mistreated and many times veterans returning home have to wait months for care and treatment. She feels Obama is using our Military as a guinea pig taking what is rightfully theirs in order to pay for his many mistakes. She’s scared because Obama is reducing the size of our Military and objects that Obama would even consider reducing our nuclear capacity.

To her, our Military should be first on our agenda deserving the greatest respect and receive the most financial assistance due to the fact they give us the greatest gift possible. They lay down their lives so others may remain free. She brings up the waste and fraud in our Government starting with the stimulus bill, Fannie and Freddie, Sun Power, Solyndra and Obamacare, the debt ceiling increases and the fact that no one will balance the budget.

Then she mentions our children and how sad it is that we are placing an unbearable debt burden on their shoulders. She resents the misinformation being taught in schools and colleges saying, “We have allowed our schools to be taken over by those who are evil and corrupt.”

She says,” If you’re an illegal alien you’ll get healthcare and assistance getting an education and other Government perks.” She said, when her middle child graduated from college there was a young illegal alien bragging on National TV about her status and having received a free education.

She goes on to say, the Valedictorian at the time her daughter graduated from college spoke only about his struggles that he had because he was Hispanic. Never once did he thank God that he had received a free education, healthcare and was pretty much cared for by our Country while her children struggle to get an education in our USA.

She says. “I am heartbroken that our Nation has neglected the most important people on our planet, the Military, the senior citizens and our youth.”

She finishes by saying, “Since President Obama took office everything has fallen apart, my eldest daughter lost her home, my other two children can’t find jobs, gas prices have risen, food, everything I purchase is more expensive.” She says, “America deserves an “F.”

She continues saying, something is wrong with our Government everything is broken and needs repair.” She says, “America is no longer the land of the free – our Government is destroying our Country.” In closing, I wonder how many Americans feel the same as this young women?

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca