Obama – Working 24/7 to Destroy Our Nation

It’s time to face reality, we have a person in our White House that is using the remainder of his first term to continue redistributing taxpayer’s money with one intent only; he wants the New World Order. Soros, the Rothschild Zionists, the Marxists, Communists hired him to weaken our Nation so the Government has total control. Some call him a puppet – I call him a robot who’s been programmed to destroy our Nation.

One would think when Obama is running for a second term, he’d do everything possible to improve the economy, encourage jobs, balance the budget, enforce transparency and create a positive consumer environment. This isn’t the case – he’s taking the remainder of 2012 to do everything within his power (legal or illegal) to cripple us during a recession.

Our new year is less than two months old and here is brief review of what he has accomplished thus far. He’s defaulted in his responsibility to address the nuclear threats coming from Iran. He is reluctant to give Israel the necessary support needed in Iran’s aggressive moves and terrorist threats against them and our Nation.

He’s attempted to infringe on our religious freedoms. He’s ballooning our National deficit and creating total havoc in the housing industry inflating once again a housing bubble.

Obama is the reason and the only reason that gas prices are sky rocketing – he has failed American in his foreign policy screw ups via his unorthodox and ideological support of the Muslim Brotherhood and extreme Radicals. The Middle East countries view him as a weak Commander in Chief and this is evident in the problems we’re now facing in Israel, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt and other Middle East Countries.

Actually, Obama is delighted about the rising gas prices because this will insure a “trickle down” strategy that will keep businesses restrained, will in turn keep millions of consumers under his control. They’re totally dependent on the Government for all of their entitlements, food stamps, new disability claims and unemployment checks.

His speech in Florida confirms the information above – he’s using class warfare as his free pass to avoid America’s anger about gas prices, fuel and energy. He jerks out the blame card saying the turmoil in the Middle East, and Republicans are the problem. There is only one reason for the speech today and it isn’t about the high prices at the pump; it’s all about “clean energy” and buying votes for 2012.

Obama is buttering up the youth and taxpayers saying we can’t drill our way out of this energy problem. He’s asking our youth to work harder, dream bigger and have the willingness to tackle big problems.

This person is one sick “pussy cat” deploying the tactics that a serial rapist or murder use before an attack. He profiles the people at risk and via class warfare, sets people up for the kill telling them there’s no silver bullet and he needs more money for redistribution and more time.

He’s incapable of leading our Country and yet remains our Commander in Chief. Thirty-one percent (31%) of likely U.S. Voters say the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Report. The 31% isn’t just a casual wake – up call or a red flag; it signifies how rapidly our Nation has succumbed to the ideology of the Marxists, Communists and Liberal agenda.

The 31% approval suggests that the “Old Republican Establishment” reverted back to their elite club prior to 1994 – they do their share of theatricals, but very few accomplishments can be credited to them at this time.

Ronald Reagan once said after being diagnosed with Alzheimer, “I no longer fit in with these times. Great changes can come in four years. These socialistic notions of government are not of my day. When I was in office, tax reduction, debt reduction, tariff stability and economy were the things to which I gave attention. We succeeded on those lines….”

In 2012, lets select the candidates who will kick the “Socialistic Ideology” under the bus, over the cliff and our of our Country – it’s time to get back to the Reagan basics.

Vetting in 2012 will be one of our most difficult jobs – we must select men or women who believe in our Constitution, a strong military, secured borders, the American dream and believe that we are “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca