Liberal News Media – Canned News With a Twist

The Liberal News Media just made another garbage dump today and they stacked it full of their famous regurgitated political propaganda. In fact, the news coming off their presses confirms that they’re truly from a distant planet and they can’t read or write English. English is our language you know!

Axelrod writes Obama’s speeches, but who writes the script for the Liberal News Media – its fiction based, repetitious and laced with class warfare and it all seems to come out of the same can.

They always struggles when reporting the real news; they’re like our Supreme Court they just re-write the news to suit their fancy or is it for their political ideology?

MSNBC – is raving about Obama’s visit to a padlock plant in Milwaukee saying he’s wants to cut taxes for manufacturers and raise taxes on anyone taking their business overseas.

Well ain’t that dandy after three plus years he’s pretending to focus on businesses. Since he can’t run on his record, he’s pulled the old 2008 “hope and change” card out of his britches hoping to win votes. The raising taxes bit on businesses going overseas was merely a re-run of what the “Donald” has been saying for years now.

MSNBC stated that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius defended the Obama administration’s ruling that religious-affiliated institutions must include birth control as part of their health insurance plans. Who gave Kathleen the authority to rewrite our Constitution to fit Obama’s decrepit Obamacare.

NYT –is playing lets fool the “stupid Americans” again and talking about the steady rate of improvement in our economy. Here’s the real scoop on the streets friends, in December businesses hire many part time employees to get them thru the Holiday Season. Part-time is the KEYWORD here. Unemployment rate will only improve when businesses start hiring and the business climate isn’t looking too bright and shiny. Many businesses are planning big layoffs in 2012.

If you use the Obama and Bureau of labor backyard mathematics you can pull about any unemployment rate out of the hat that you’d like. They forgot the millions who have quit looking for jobs, but they added the part timers and temporary employees and walla they arrived at a magic number that will give Obama a brief jump start in approval ratings. The 14 million out of work know the truth – businesses aren’t growing and they aren’t hiring.

The Bureau of Labor noted that the trend in 2012 seems to be for temporary help. We can’t create a robust economy on part time jobs or temporary help – this confirms that businesses aren’t growing and that the unemployment rate is in no way factual.

NBC must have lost their marbles. They’re wondering how much support Mitt Romney would have given General Motors and Chrysler. It seems they have a very selective memory; they don’t mention the bonuses that went to the 48,000 UAW hourly workers which was about 400 ml of our money.

But the flipside of this discussion – Americans are not only the big GM stock holders we’re now stuck with a lemon called the “Chevy Volt” Motor Trend states that dealers are turning away the 2012 “Chevy Volt.” This also brings up the Telsa debacle and why NBC isn’t more concerned about the Finish who took our jobs and our money.

Media Matters – a leech that’s living off of taxpayer’s money, because they’ve slipped through the cracks as a tax exempt company. They’re just about to find out that it’s not nice to fool the taxpayers. Media Matters for America wouldn’t know misinformation if it hit them in the fanny – they’re an x- rated website with a bunch of bored uninformed bloggers who have a lust for lies and political propaganda.

The Liberal News Media refuses to discuss the real news of the day – why businesses aren’t growing, why we went to war in Libya, why Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East Countries or why our White House reeks of Communists, Marxists, Radicals and Rothschild Zionists.

Why don’t they concentrate on the big news like who really owns the Liberal News Media. Now that would be a story that would be of interest to all Americans and it would explain why they sound like a bunch of programmed robots.

May God Bless America’
As Always,
Little Tboca