Obama’s Achilles Heel - Americans

Earlier this week, I addressed a very important piece of information that most who read it just blink their eye, shake their head and go on about business as usual. In 2012 business isn’t as usual – our Government not only reeks of corruption it now resembles Communism USA.

Here’s what Communists believe and why we keep hearing about a “New World Order.” We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.” http://cpusa.org/

Obama’s immediate cabinet members and Czars are all connected to the long tentacles of Rothschild Zionists via Communism. None of us wish to discuss this subject because it’s terrifying to realize that we have allowed them to infiltrate our Government and Nation. Their goal is in layman’s terms is “A World Globalization.”

This isn’t political propaganda – this is the writing on the wall and to verify these statements let’s return to 2007. A man called Barack Obama appeared out of nowhere and was one of the Democratic Candidates for President of the USA – his Democratic opposition at this time was Hillary Clinton. The majority of us believed Hillary would be the Democratic Candidate.

Hillary received a good thrashing and was kicked under the bus, because “they” had preselected Obama a man without a history, a man without a past, an unknown who had been groomed for this position since the early 1990”s by none other than David Axelrod. They bought his Presidency – they filled his cabinet and gave him Czars, lots of Czars.

Some say Saltzman and others say Klutznick commissioned Axelrod to start grooming Obama for the Presidency back in 1991/1992. What we do know is this – someone was paying Axelrod during this time and it darn sure wasn’t Obama on a dinky community organizer pay.

Consider this – the ultimate goal of Communism is to replace the capitalist system and to create a dependency on the Government and render Americans helpless in the process. Recently they’ve accelerated their attacks on our Nation.

Here are a few major things to revisit since 2009 that will show deliberate, calculated moves to weaken our economy. In good faith we reluctantly gave the Government 787 billion dollars to ease the pressures of a horrific recession. We watched as AIG, Freddie, Fannie, GM and the big lending institutions gobbled up our money and blatantly paid out big bonuses and perks to the crooks with our money. We were irate, but we’d lost our voice.

Next was the Obamacare scandal, which took over a year for the Democrats to create behind closed doors. The Liberal News Media and Special Interest Groups helped the Obama Administration ram it down our throats. We’d been side swiped again, because Republicans were a minority and we the people had lost our voice.

Another distraction was the BP Oil Spill which resulted in thousands of jobs lost because the Obama Administration stopped all off shore drilling. We said no one has the right to deliberately deprive us of jobs, but he did and they did. They did it again with the Keystone Pipeline – suppressing us once again.

The Fast and Furious gunrunner operation has been nothing more than a political farce. The bad guys will get away and remain squeaky clean, while America bows their head in shame as we have observed one of the biggest criminal cover ups in our Nation’s history.

We’ve had front row seats to the Scott Walker rape by the Unions, Democrats and Obama. Unions have turned into political vultures and savages using Union dues to satisfy their voracious appetite for money. They use mob tactics, destroy public property, threaten business owners and yet they get away “scot free.”

Obama’s Administration has been in the attack mode since 2009. They’ve attacked our 2nd Amendment, our Religious freedom, our immigration laws, our Military and our Country. Three years later he remains unscathed.

We’ve lost more than our voice we’ve lost our way. For me, I’m going to pray to “God” and ask him to send us the right man who can defeat Goliath and I’m prepared to march around the White House as many times as it takes to remove the Obama Administration.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca