Obama’s Administration from the Inside Out

It’s important to know what we’re facing in the 2012 Presidential Election and crucial that we get a grasp on who our enemies really are – most of us will concentrate on selecting the right candidate to represent us in 2012. But there is a much bigger picture that probably should be addressed before we’re blindsided again by the Liberal News Media.

This article addresses a few of Obama’s Czars today and the Federal Reserve – it will require due diligence on all our parts to find out who controls our Government. All of the people referenced here are Jews and most are connected to the Rothschild group or Zionists as they’re called.

Global Warming Czar – Carol Browner attempted to hide her involvement with a Socialist group, but her DNA remains; she advocates global governance believing wealthy Countries must lower their economic status to address climate change.

Car Czar – Steven Rattner is director of Obama’s Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. Another bad apple connected to Rothschild and executive of Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and Lazard Freres (All Jewish owned banks.)

Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried is a Clinton redo and appointed by Obama to give relief to the terrorist detainees in Guantanamo Bay. A Rothschild enthusiast and not the kind of person we want running any portion of our Government.

Here is more of Obama’s dirty Czar list and they all have ties to Rothschild. Kenneth Feinberg, Larry Summer, Cass Sunstein, Alan Bersin and Todd Stern and Obama’s dirty Czar list seems to be unending.

These Czars have a carta blanche pass to do whatever they want while hiding behind closed doors. Congress appears to be powerless or maybe they just don’t care what the Czars are doing at any given time.

We all wonder who is the puppeteers behind the Federal Reserve – they’re very illusive and difficult to track, but here again we find that common denominator (Rothschild) They have misused the Jews for many moons and hid behind their religion; it’s only a mirage, a cover up in their attempt to implement “A New World Order.” Here’s a who’s who in the Federal Reserves.

Benjamin S. Bernanke, Chairman – JEWISH
Donald L. Kohn – JEWISH
Kevin M. Warsh – JEWISH
Randall S. Kroszner – JEWISH
Frederic S. Mishkin – JEWISH
For a complete run down on the Federal Reserve go to:


75% of the twelve “District Banks” are controlled by Jews attached to Rothschild Zionists. Who Owns the Federal Reserve Banks, well look no further they are owned by Jews Rothschild Bank of London. Not surprising Chase Manhattan of NY (David Rockefeller) is included. In fact the New York Branch is all powerful.

Check out our board members running the Federal Reserve:

We must face this corruption head on and probably one of the best things we can do is vet and hand pick the men and women who will control our House of Representatives and our Senate.

2012 is going to be much more difficult then 2010, because it is a Presidential year and there is no limit to their money – their power rests in the positions they hold.

I don’t know the answers, but I know God is alive and well and if we but ask he will give us the wisdom and guidance to see us through the relentless onslaught of those who want to destroy our Nation.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca