Vetting Obama for 2012 Presidential Election

Obama is sliding under the radar once again without being vetted; it’s most important to know the organizations that Obama was and is associated with because these organizations are some of the most corrupt and dangerous ones of our times. A lay person would not suspect a problem with these foundations because they operate under various guises. .

Gamaliel, Joyce, Wood and Annenberg Foundations show the power of false philanthropy. They pretend to care and support those in need by hiding under the pretext of working for the public good of our society.

Here’s what Webster Tarpley wrote in 2008 and if you read it, you’ll see the Obama shoe fits.

Obama has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Foundation as a community organizer – a poverty pimp, a cynical opportunist who uses suffering people as a political commodity. The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pitting blacks against whites against Hispanics against Asians, to prevent any challenge to Wall Street. Racist provocateurs like Wright and Pfleger, along with Weatherman terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, Obama’s best friends, are cast in this mold. Rezko, Auchi, and Al-Sammarae represent the cesspool of Chicago graft and corruption in which Obama cavorts. 2008, by Webster Tarpley

The Joyce Foundation – pretends to be an environmental fund, but actually an activist foundation whose ultimate goal is to ban guns. What you see is not what you get!

The Gamaliel Foundation models itself after the activism of the 1960s radical Saul Alinsky, who authored the books Reveille for Radicals (1946), The Professional Radical (1970), and Rules for Radicals (1971).

Woods Foundation – responsible for defining Obama’s political identity and they support ACORN and the Gamaliel Foundation.

Most importantly all of these foundations are connected to the Communists, Marxists and extreme radicals. These foundations were conveniently wiped off of Obama’s resume and this explains his reluctance to go through a normal vetting process.

Here’s an article by Larry C. Johnson. He makes the connection between Ayers and Obama’s close associates disclosing Obama’s whereabouts for many years as he was climbing the Political ladder.


George Soros, Valarie Jarrett, Van Jones, Obama are very familiar with these extremist organizations. Open Society Institute — of George Soros — Arka Foundation, the Bauman Family Foundation, Marguerite Casey Foundation, the Ford Foundation for Freedoms Fund, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Tides Foundation, Peter B. Lewis, and others are hiding behind false cover of philanthropy.

Vetting in 2012 remains the most important and the most difficult job of our lives. We must diligently choose candidates who aren’t connected with any radical organizations -that will require a massive amount of homework.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca