Obama & His Cohorts Have a Selective Memory

Obama, Jim Messina, David Axelrod and David Plouffe are feeling pretty smug about the upcoming Presidential Election of 2012. Obama’s ratings have crept up a little and they’re pretty confident that they have just bagged a second term for Obama. But, there are some major glitches in their assumptions.

The truth is Obama is running on empty when it comes to a solid campaign agenda. His 2012 campaign is just a repeat of 2008; Obama and gang are hanging their hats on one thing only (the money in his war chest.) They believe American can be bought if the price is right and they’re betting that the lazy stupid Americans are dumb enough to buy a “pig in a poke,” which is all Obama is selling again this year.

But this isn’t 2008 and America as we know it has eroded and digressed under the Obama Administration. Jobs created under Obama’s watch remain at “O” or zilch. Consumer confidence is at an all – time low. Unemployment is increasing, not decreasing. The National Deficit is increasing $3.98 billion per day and our credit rating is at risk again.

Obama has created turmoil in the Middle East supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which puts America at a much greater risk of terrorist attacks on our turf. He supports the Wall Street Protestors who continue raping, maiming, destroying property and creating havoc in our States.

EPA is running around foot loose and fancy free restricting any chance of business growth. Obama and EPA are the ones who stopped the Keystone Pipeline. Obama and EPA stopped drilling on our Eastern coasts so he could invest our money with George Soros and drill in Brazil, not in America. Obama and EPA have ruthlessly attacked our businesses (Big and small.)

Obama and his team have a selective memory; they forgot to tell you three very important things.

1. When they were oohing and awing over the 8.3% unemployment rate, they forgot to tell you that Americans who were working temporary or part time jobs were counted. They conveniently forgot to tell you that 1.1 million of our workforce wasn’t counted in January 2012. This information is on the Bureau of Labor website – it’s factual and proven. Check it out – don’t take my word for it.


2. They forgot to tell Americans that hundreds of businesses are going to be laying off employees in 2012. They forgot to tell you that the Obama Administration is responsible for the lay- offs. They forgot to mention the latest CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report just released.

The CBO report is projecting that the federal government’s budget deficit will exceed $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row. The CBO says the national debt is on pace to grow to unsustainable levels in the years ahead. Folks, the CBO says if our Government continues their spending spree we won’t be able to keep afloat. Four more years of Barack Obama and our Nation will no longer be the land of the free or America the beautiful. China is laughing all the way to the bank while Obama keeps redistributing and spending money that we don’t have…

3. They forgot to tell you that the great jobs creator (Jeffrey Immelt) CEO of General Electric and the Obama Administration are stealing jobs from Americans. GE is moving their X-ray division from Waukesha, Wis. to China. It is estimated that GE will invest about 2 billion with China in this venture.

Did they remember to tell you that GE decreased its U.S.-based employees by 18,000 in 2009, according to the company’s 2009 annual report and Obama gave GE 24.9 million dollars of our stimulus money. General Electric is one of the companies who avoided paying taxes to our Country via various tax loopholes.

So, the only questions Americans need to answer today is this: “Are you better off now, than you were in 2009?” “Are your children and grandchildren better off now than they were in 2009?” “Are you going to leave a legacy to your children, grandchildren and future generations that they can wrap their arms around with pride?”

The high approval rating of Obama’s at this time verifies his statement, “That Americans are Stupid.” It signifies that 50% will sell their souls and their children’s’ souls to the devil if the price is right.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca