Romney & Obama – Class Warfare

Sometimes it’s difficult to report the news of the day, because it’s logical to want to expose the wrong doings of others.  Today isn’t one of those days when it’s easy to differentiate between Republican and Democratic candidates.

In fact, George Soros a man that few of us respect was dead right during an interview when he said there’s actually not much difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

It’s easy to play the game of politics pretending that old George is off his rocker and just ranting and raving to advance his agenda, but what happened yesterday pretty much confirms that George has done his homework.

Barack Obama is having a hay day right now, because Mitt Romney just jumped on his political band wagon and the “tail is wagging the dog.”  Obama is gambling one billion dollars on the middle class of America; he is pretty confident that they will automatically hand him his second term in 2012. Obama has honed the “Rules for Radicals” and he is adeptly using class warfare which may in fact give him a second term.

First of all Obama has the African American community eating out of his hand so they’ll be a shoo in and the Gay Community are happy campers so are many of the Hispanics for they’re once again buying his “hope and change” of 2008.

Class warfare appears to be the strategy that both Romney and Obama have chosen in an attempt to buy votes from the middle class.

Obama is bating the middle class via class warfare, pretty much saying they have been oppressed due to the wealthy.  He’s stumping on the fairness crap and level playing field meaning the wealthy need to pay their “fair share” whatever that means.  The wealthy are the ones carrying our Nation at this time – logic suggests we shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds us.

Romney is using the same strategy and concentrating on the middle class saying, he’s not concerned with the very poor. When referring to the poor Mitt said, “We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich. They’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who are struggling.”  So there you go folks both candidates are using class warfare to advance their agendas.

There’s not a good defense for Mitt Romney as he heads down the class warfare path.  Romney has sided with the Obama ideology indicating that the poor have their safety net and yet why doesn’t he see that many of the poor want a hand up, not a hand out.

The logic here by both candidates is exactly what is wrong with the State of the Union at this time. Instead of solving the real problems about the poor – the Government keeps the poor in a cage making sure they’re fed and watered with no hope of a better day.

Walking thru the poor neighborhoods I look at the little ones and wonder how many of them could become the next scientist who discovers a medical cure for a debilitating illness or how many of them could be an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, Steve Wynn, and Bill Gates giving our Nation technology that we’ve never dreamed of…

So for now, I’ll wrap my support around the one man who believes that we’re all created equal and as he said yesterday, “I am fed up with politicians in either party dividing Americans against each other,” Gingrich said. “I am running to be the president of all the American people and I am concerned about all the American people.”

Me too Newt, we need to return our Nation to “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.”

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca