Obama – Has a New Snake Oil Pitch

How low can Obama go in his Presidential run for 2012? He resembles a lost soul who’s out at sea without a home to call his own. His latest smooth selling snake oil pitch is on “Insourcing” jobs – CNN as usual has a big problem comparing apples to apples.

They actually have egg on their face comparing Mitt Romney’s involvement with Bain Capital to Obama’s not so new “Insourcing” idea. They’re trying to throw Romney under the bus for doing what America has done for many moons and it’s called Venture Capitalism.

Venture Capitalism comes with inherent risks – some struggling companies actually get a new face lift and exceed all expectations in growth and profit. Some companies need more than a face lift; they need a total restructuring which often times requires firing the founder and founding teams.

Then there’s Obama who didn’t invest in our Country – he uses 787 billion dollars to pay off his many bundlers, Unions, Special Interest groups, defunct car companies and corrupt lenders. He misused our money! Not one of his schemes have created jobs or contributed to a healthy work environment.

Furthermore he hamstrung businesses insuring that they would not have the luxury of steady growth and hiring. He did this by slamming Obamacare down everyone’s throats and with the help of EPA placed such idiotic regulations on businesses that they are being held hostage by the Obama Administration.

Obama didn’t give our Nation a face lift; he performed a debilitating plastic surgery on us that has rendered our once beautiful America unrecognizable. He extracted jobs from our Country via deals like Telsa, using over a billion dollars of taxpayer’s money for a company located in Finland giving the Finish our jobs.

Look at money and jobs lost at Solyndra and Obama. Obama and the DOE gave 1.2 billion dollars to Sunpower a company a solar energy company that might offer 10 to 15 jobs in the future.

America’s corporate tax system is remains an octopus gobbling monster and is very anti-competitive. Mitt Romney used lower tax jurisdictions, which is what hundreds of American companies have had to do in order to survive.

Many Democrats are doing and have done the same thing that Mitt Romey did with Bain Capital. If you do your homework, you’ll be amazed that President Clinton, Peter Orszag, Richard Blumenthal just to mention a few used similar methods to avoid our disgraceful corporate tax system.

So this new “insourcing” tactic that Obama is starting to use in his speeches remains totally lifeless, because three years have passed since his inauguration and not once did he should any honest concern about businesses (big or small.) Never once in three years did he work proactively for any business on or off our turf.

He’s run out of ideas for the 2012 Presidential Campaign because he doesn’t have a track record worth “tidally.” So now we’re hearing about “Insourcing”, which isn’t unique or a new idea; just study the Chinese they have a monopoly on “insourcing.”

Donald Trump, Steve Wynn, Howard Schultz and other professional business people have told the Obama Administration why businesses are stagnant. It’s not a mystery, it’s easily fixed, but Obama doesn’t want our Nation to thrive. Here are three of the reasons; (1) EPA excessive regulations, (2) Obamacare, and (3) Taxes. All of these problems could be taken care of immediately, but Obama refuses to lead our Country; instead he opts to destroy our Nation.

Ten to twenty thousand Americans could be working today on the Keystone Pipeline. Thousands could be on the cost drilling for oil – instead he denies Americans what is rightfully theirs (jobs.)

If and when CNN stops pandering to the Radical left and until they learn how to compare “Apples to Apples” their political news remains pretty insignificant and lifeless.

May God Bless our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca