Obama 2012: The year of Apocalypse

What Americans have to look forward to in 2012 isn’t exactly a pretty picture; in fact it’s going to take guts, determination and perseverance to weather the storm. Obama’s Administration has already strategically placed their ground campaigners throughout every state in the Union.

They are replaying a grass roots version of Ross Perot’s 1992 campaign – Obama’s campaign manager with Axelrod and Plouffe’s expertise have hand picked their volunteers to head up the boots on the ground portion of the Presidential campaign.

They started their organizational process early this year and methodically have all of their “ducks in a row.” They’ve educated the volunteers utilizing retirees, stay at home Moms or Dads, Hispanics, African Americans and of course our young people.

In the meantime, they have planted websites all over the Internet drawing in those like the Wall Street Protestors who really don’t want or have a life. Many of these websites are pretty brazen, but careful not to offend viewers so they ask for small donations usually in the amount of $ 3.00 playing on the viewer’s emotions suggesting that Obama is the underdog and desperately needs their help.

Obama’s 2012 campaign will be unlike any other Presidential Campaign that we’ve experienced. This will be a dog eat dog type campaign concentrating on the do nothing Congress and Republicans along with a large dose of class warfare. Unlike most of our previous Presidents, Obama doesn’t have anything of substance to run on – his three years as Commander in Chief could be described as disastrous.

Now that the Holidays are over, the unemployment rate will jump again, because businesses hire mostly part time help to get them thru the holiday rush. Obamacare is more than a little bit “iffy,” because the Supreme Court will make a final decision on it’s legality in June 2012.

Businesses will remain stagnant due to the fear of higher taxes, more EPA regulations and the Obamacare albatross. Unions continue threatening non – union construction workers and other non-union members like the events we’ve seen unfold in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Union members have created havoc in many states destructing and destroying property even threatening businesses. Unions in 2012 will continue their attack on our economy because they’re getting desperate due to the high unemployment.

Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign will be based on nothing but lies, political propaganda, threats and class warfare. Even though many of the Democrats say they have enough money to buy Obama a second term; there are some very positive things occurring that may prove this 2012 Presidential Campaign is not just about who has the most money in their war chest.

Some of our African American Communities are jumping Obama’s ship; he didn’t exactly enhance himself with the Black African American Caucus when he told them to “shake it off, stop complaining, stop grumbling, and stop crying.”

Maxine Waters said, “ Obama would never talk that way to the gay or lesbian community.” The African American Community is facing a disproportionately high unemployment rate, which is over 16%.

A large majority of the college crowd no longer think Obama is cool, because they realize the “Hope and Change” was just a ploy to buy their votes.

Hispanics have started to remove themselves from Obama because of his failed immigration policies, the high unemployment rate and his failure to fulfill his 2008 campaign promises to their communities.

So if the EPA continues hammering businesses, Obamacare is kicked to the curb and the unemployment rate remains high – one billion dollars won’t buy Obama a second term.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca