Obama’s 2012 Mode of Operation – Recycling

Doesn’t it seem anomalistic that Obama and his cronies could actually put a dollar mark on his 2012 campaign contributions? Many find it hard to believe that Obama will even come close to the billion dollar mark that the Liberal News Media and Democrats are predicting for his Presidential campaign war chest. But, one must remember that in the past three years almost everything Obama has done is tainted with illegalities and devious schemes.

So often when it comes to Obama’s shenanigans, the lay person has a problem connecting the dots. The Solyndra scandal is under investigation along with other green companies who are going under, declaring bankruptcy after eating millions of taxpayer’s money. The DEMS and Liberal News Media want us to think that the Solyndra scam was an accident, a slip of the pen, a little Department of Energy glitch that would never happen again.

Not true, the green company scam is parallel to the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner operation. Both of these swindles occurred behind closed doors and were conjured up by Obama and gang. The gunrunner operation’s purpose was to disarm our 2nd Amendment and take our gun rights away from us.

The green company scam was created to insure that Obama would receive his billion dollars in campaign contributions for 2012. Obama coaxed for our stimulus money, promised us a rose garden and redistributed our hard earned money to his potential bundlers in 2008 and again in 2012.

Class warfare, the Wall Street Protestors and his sudden attention to the “middle class” are all distractive devises used to keep Americans divided and confused while he parties, wines and dines his many big bundlers and stuffs his war chest full via our redistributed money.

The real chatter on the streets is all about Obama’s “Recycling Trick” that was started prior to his run in 2008. This “recycling” theory has been around since Heck was a pup, in other words, you pat my back and I’ll pat yours – pretty easy to understand. Obama, Plouffe, Axelrod and Messina know almost to the dime how much campaign contributions are coming their way from the big “bundlers.”

But as is typical with Obama, there is a big problem with the secret “recycling” strategy; they are using taxpayers’ money to rub the backs of the big corporations. Obama has passed out our money to these big Corporations and expects to be reimbursed via big campaign donations.

So now we know why Obama’s Administration bragged about a billion dollar Presidential Campaign for 2012 – there campaign donations are already in the bag so to speak. Here’s a peek at some of his big bundlers and the amount of taxpayer’s money it has taken to insure his contributions for his 2012 Presidential run.

• Financier Steve Westly’s companies have received stimulus grants; these companies include Amyris Biotechnologies ($24 million), Tesla Motors ($465 million), as well as Edeniqu and Recyclebank. Not bad for a day’s work Steve.- Steve’s a big bundler for Obama in 2012.

• Financier David Shaw’s back has been rubbed quite well – for his 2012 bundle to Obama, Two of Shaws wind projects have received taxpayer money: $115 million for First Wind, and $117 million for Kahuku Wind. It’s called “recycling” folks with your money.

• This Exelon Corporation is a bloody mess when it comes to sucking up taxpayer’s money. Financier John Rogers and Frank Clark are just a few who live in this tangled Exelon web. Exelon received a hefty DOE loan guarantee of 646 million plus another two million cash grant from DOE for a company called Peco Energy. Easy come, easy go Americans – it’s our money!

The dirty little “recycling” list rambles on including Goldman Sachs, Angelino Group, Steve Spinner. Xerox, Citigroup and many, many more companies who are the recipients of taxpayer’s money as repayment for a large campaign contribution to Obama.

This is politics in its sickest most corrupt form – the under the table behind closed doors money is all about big business. This “recycling” crap has nothing to do with Obama’s qualifications to lead our Country or be our Commander in Chief. This is the way Obama bought the Presidency in 2008 and only time will tell if money will buy him a second term.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca